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motu firewire/usb drivers problems


hi all
just to mention my experience.
all late drivers have problems (1400,1410,1414) for example nuendo 3 does not work or work without spdif.
last working version was 32fw-
my system:
mb asus P5E3, WINXP SP3, MOTU 828MK2_USB (FIRMWARE 1,01 HARDWARE 1,01), NUENDO 3,2 CUBASE 3,2.
Has anyone any experience with these latest drivers?
why motu don't have an instant contact way with customers or database to talk about these bugs?
July 21, 2009 @10:04am

Are you using the onboard Firewire???
Those are Agere firewire chips in there.
MOTU (like most other audio interface manufacturers) always REQUIRES Texas Instruments firewire chips for proper operation.
You should consider adding a $30 TI-chip'ed firewire card....
July 22, 2009 @05:40pm

HI, TimOBrien!
No im not. i have the usb model .
and i don't understand why spdif works with every driver but the 14** versions. it is definitely not my usb port.
(1400 version actually did not work at all with nuendo3/cubase3 programs freeze) it must be asio driver problem
i believe that these generic fw/usb drivers fix a bug for new models and bug some others. anyone with the same prob in 828 mk2 usb?
July 24, 2009 @05:16pm

I also have a driver problem with my MK828II firewire. When I installed it 1,5 years ago, there was no rpoblem. Recently however, my pc decided not to recognize the audio interface anymore and I could only find the onboard soundcard. I disabled it, downloaded the newest direvers uninstalled the old drivers before installing the new ones, but it doesn't work. I get extreme latency and very weird and annoiing buzzes. Help from Motu support is not very helpfull so far and certainly not very quick. I tried installing the old drivers too, but that trick doesn't seem to work anymore either. The only thing I did in between was install service pack 3 for windows xp. Can that be why everything has gone to pieces?
October 6, 2009 @08:06pm

That could be.
Also please Check This! ->
MOTU Interface (no matter what model it is) can get really mad about several things. Here is a quick list about things You should note when using most of professional audio hardware, including MOTU hardware. The list includes good points from both my own experiences and from one of Steinbergs AWESOME support section articles.
1. Always make shure that all the drivers in Your system are up to date (EXCLUDING MOTU Drivers, just use the one that seems to work the best!!!)
2. When working with Your MOTU interface and DAW software be sure to turn off ALL programs (and services) that are not needed. Its also not recommended to use more than one DAW at the time. (This already resolves many of issues)
3. IF Your computers graphics card is using shared memory feature and if it can be turned off from the BIOS of Your computer, SWITCH IT OFF.
4. Set "Processor Cheduling" to BACROUND SERVICES (System -> Advanced Settings -> Advanced tab).
6. Intels Speedstepping, EIST, AMDs Cool'n'Quiet etc. Energy Saving functions MUST be OFF. (Check the computers BIOS for these settings!)
7. If Your computers processor has an Intel SpeedStepping feature, TURN IT OFF from the computers BIOS.
The next steps are for people who still have problems.
8. Disable any possible onboard audio chips from Windows Device Manager OR set it to be the default audio playback and recording device for Windows.
9. Go to System -> Advanced Settings and choose the option "Adjust for best berformance".
10. Check Your MOTU ASIO Driver buffer settings.
11. Use another or just shorter FireWire cable between the MOTU device and Your computer.
12. If possible try another MOTU interface.
13. In case You still have problems, start being nervous about Your computer and Your own skills. :D
October 30, 2009 @05:15pm

it's a long time now Motu gived buggy drivers for Windows, i work on macbook pro with bootcamp and i will wait for update my driver until someone come with a good news... . It's really sad because it's a really good engine the 828 mk3 and i don't understand why it's so complicated to make a good driver.
On mac, it's ok, the update driver is ok. Why they don't make an open source driver for Windows, some experts peoples could find a good way to resolve this problem!
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July 28, 2010 @09:05am
Dave Burris

I just installed their latest drivers on Vista and to my joy the daisy-chained firewire feature is now working again.
July 29, 2010 @02:36am