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Which Kurz for walking bass and layered ride? SP276?


Buying an electric would be no problem if I always had a bass player and drummer. It's programming the splits and bass sounds that tests my patience. With the SP76 I was velcroing a Nanobass to the top of the keyboard and spending too many hours figuring out the MIDI connections. It looks like the SP276 will get the job done, and much easier. Does anyone know if the bass sounds are adequate in number and quality? I know that it doubles the sounds of the SP76, but does it retain the original good sounds of the predecessor? (which had several decent organs, piano+strings, piano+organ but no vibes! and of course no basses). Finally, I doubt I'd use the built-in drum machine, but does the 276 have a ride cymbal that can be layered onto a bass sound for walking 4/4 lines? (That would clinch it for me.) I see that some PC1se's are still available, and at the same price as the 276, but I'd just as soon stay light and portable--and simple--as possible.)
Thanks for any info,
(I hope Kurzweil has dropped the "stretched" vs "unstretched" tuning options of the SP76. Never could tell the difference.)
July 10, 2009 @04:43am