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Nuendo Disk Spikes

Pacific Resonance

Hey all...
I've got Nuendo 3 running on a PC (Intel Core 2 Quad) using a MOTU 24io. If I'm in an average session with 40-60 tracks, plugins, routing, etc, and I press spacebar to let it play, everything is fine (no pops, clicks, anything like that) however, when I press space to STOP the transport, my disk meter spikes for a split second and then goes back down. It never spikes during recording or playback, nor does it spike randomly, but when I stop playback (or when I'm playing and I click somewhere else to play from there) it spikes for a short second. It also tends to happen right after I bounce (export, render, whatever) a file to disk.
Have you heard of this? Do you think it's anything to worry about?
July 7, 2009 @06:19pm

Do you have your harddisks set up as RAID? If not then that is why. I am surprised you are not getting dropouts honestly!
August 4, 2009 @01:37pm