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Why do non musicians get signed on with major labels?


Greetings to all my fellow musicians: My name is Alex Jenkins from Fort Myers, FL, my artist name is "Gasserpe". I am a songwriter, producer, composer & musician with a question: I have thirty-eight unreleased albums unpublished, with perhaps millions of dollars worth od music. Question: Why do some people who are not musicians get signed on a major label, and us professionals get pushed away?
Recently I signed on with i Music Underground Records with some singles. This is a start, I guess.
I have been writing music for a long time, and first am getting noticed. Not by major labels, but by someone who believes in the music I compose. I am well trained with MIDI, boards, DAW's, and many traditional instruments.

Any one wishing for comebacks, please post. http://www.promofm.com/gasserpe
July 4, 2009 @04:15pm

people dont want music, they want pop culture.
July 4, 2009 @05:41pm

Record companies are far less interested in music than they are in sales figures and profitability. This is probably why they're called "record companies" instead of "music companies." Think about it. Their business is making and selling records, not making and selling music. There's a small, yet profound difference.
July 4, 2009 @06:14pm

people dont want music, they want pop culture.

Co-sign "Record Company's" look for what is happening at the moment, & are afraid to sign a new style or genre simple because they would be gambling with there money.. I'm a rap artist but I will probably never be signed because the hip hop industry is all Snap your fingers,club music,& no longer it's actual roots, once record company's see a style that is favorable they look for every artist with that same old favorable style. Legend's are made by making the style, Simple and plain just "Average Artist" follow that style. I do it for the love of music, keep sticking to it. It'll come in time
September 25, 2009 @05:30am