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Trouble bouncing tracks in DP6...help!


Sorry, I know that title is a bit annoying, but I really am about to pull my hair out.
So let me sum up the problem:
When I bounce tracks from a DP6 mix the aif is SILENCE. No signal.
I've worked with DP5 for a few years, building mixes with 1 or two levels of bussing, for example all guitars, drums, vocals each going into a bus (1st level), routed to a final mix bus (2nd level). When bouncing the tracks I would, in the Bounce dialogue box, set the source of the mixdown as the Input Pair for the Final Mix track. Meaning that the final mix bus used bus pair 11-12 as an input, I'd choose that one in the bounce down box, and the tracks would be exported just fine.
Since getting DP6, oddly this is no longer working.
Now, with the exact same setup, exporting the final tracks produces an AIF with no sound.
If fiddled and fiddled and fiddled, and came to find that if only use 1 Bus - meaning that, if instead of having separate busses for guitars, drums, vocals, etc, if all individual tracks get routed to Bus 1-2 as a final mix bus, and I choose that Bus in the Bounce Tracks box - the file will export.
However, if I have a Guitar Bus (say 1-2), and a drums bus (3-4), and route those to a final mix, (5-6), and choose 5-6 for the export, nothing comes out. It's as if I'm being limited to a single level of bussing.
I should say that I'm a home-recording type, not professional, so it may be that I'm doing something very simple wrong here without realizing it - does anyone have any clue what might be causing this? Similar problems? A change between how 5 and 6 bounces tracks? Can someone explain the proper way to do this in DP6 with an eye on several bus tracks going towards a final mix? I will be ever, EVER so grateful!
June 22, 2009 @10:30pm

I would assign whatever your final bus is to an Aux track, and output the Aux track to your main audio output.
See if that works -
June 23, 2009 @01:45am