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BPM VSTs & Drum Pad Matching VSTs?


I've got a problem... rather simple, actually.
I use Ableton to DJ, and, as with most DJs, I have to change the BPM quite a bit, usually ranging from 100 to 140 BPM.
...unfortunately, you can only assign a key in key assignment mode to change between two BPMs, so, now, I can only go from 100 directly to 140... nothing like 100, to 110, to 127, to 140 like I'd want to be able to do.
Also... I run a Trigger Finger that has a simplistic snare on some of the pads, that I have to manually switch from pad to pad to match 100, 110, 127 and 140 BPM.
...so, is there any sort of program or anything I can do besides manually switching them with my mouse to have either multiple BPM modes and multiple Drum Roll rates?
Any info. would be awesome, since I've already tried the Ableton forums...
June 13, 2009 @09:42pm

You need a better MIDI controller, and about 3 days to set it up to your liking.
Maybe an M-Audio Axiom has the features you need... you should have all of your DAW, Plugin, and MIDI controls at your fingertips. If you don't, then you are using your setup wrong or you are missing something from your setup...
August 4, 2009 @01:48pm