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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Boss DR-880 Dr.rthym drum machine. NEED HELP!!!

diligent hands

im trying to use this drum machine for metronome for in ear monitors while the band plays, we want to stay on rythm. I need to know how to use a metronome on this thing, and how i can save the speed i like on it. So please tell me how i can find the metronome on here. i need your help!!
June 5, 2009 @11:51pm

uhhh...'spensive metronome you go there ehy? I've had mine for years, but I haven't messed with the click track
Not sure about this, and I know the book is vague, but I think what you want to do can't be done. I think the click track is on while your song is playing, and it clikkz along at the tempo of yer song, if it even uses one.
I can only suggest you set up a pattern at the tempo you want, any pattern doesn't matter, save it as yours. Do some real time recording on that pattern and you will get a loud click track at that tempo. Send it out however yer doin it and you got a click track.
Good luck with it there chief. Seems an odd way to go to me. You got a drum machine, isn't THAT the click track, or am I missing something?
June 8, 2009 @05:41pm