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AKAI APC40 problem


APC40 GREAT! but i have a problem with it, when i install it the first time with Live 7.0.16 it worked fine but then i install Live 8 upgrade and the transport buttons (play, stop, record) on the APC40 stopped working, then i tried again with live 7 but it didnt work, then i diconected and reboot everything and i swap the usb port for the apc with my keyboard controller, and opened live 7 and it worked for a couple of hours, i think it stopped working when i enter midi mapping though i didnt changed anything there, so now it doesnt work with any version of live or after rebooting or reassigning the midi ports, the transport doesnt work anymore.
I tried writing to abbleton and akai support with no answer, i wrote in the abbleton forum and waiting for some answers
Im starting to think there is a malfunction on the APC, maybe a bug...
Can anybody help me?
June 4, 2009 @05:53pm
Hashim Amla

I also own a ZERO8.
I managed to blow up one of the internal amps.
It meant that the desk would still pass audio to and then back from the computer using FW.
But, it would not pass audio from its own input to its own out put.
It also meant that the lights didn't come on.
I had the dead amp replaced.
Before the explosion i had the HISS issues that are a common complaint unless i ran it hot like d.j.r recommends.
Now i get now hiss at all at any out put setting...
Its a very cool desk for controlling live regardless of the hiss.
I also have my sights set on an APC to go with it and i will be one step closer to my ultimate goal
and possible world control...
April 2, 2010 @07:37pm