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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Midi issues


I just joined the forum a moment ago and haven't really looked around to find out how to post properly. I hope this works.
Being in a cover band, I play bass primarily and keys as well. Over half the time I use a Korg TR as a sequencer. L/MONO sends the sequence midi/audio to my keys amp, INDIV.1 sends the keys-bass to my bass amp (when needed) and INDIV.2 sends the click to my drummers earbud. All very simple.
When I start the original sequencing process in Sonar 2, I load the .mp3 of the song I'm about to lift into an audio track. My system hookup is laptop to Tascam 1641 via USB 2 ... Tascam 1641 midi in/out to TR. I don't really need the midi back into the Tascam but it seems to make no difference to my problem. All audio is routed through an external mixer.
I then write a click track with the piano roll using a midi track assigned to midi channel 1 and assign the SEQ track 1 to A020 Standard Kit 3. I use the Tempo window in sonar to speed up or slow down the click to match the .mp3 perfectly so that all the rest of my midi inputting will sync with the audio track (that's the time consuming part). Then it's just a matter of creating a midi track for each instrument, assigning the same track on the TR with the appropriate instrument, listening and writing it in the piano roll. It's quite simple and I find it fun. Then of course I save the midi parts as a "midi 1" file, put it on my SD card, load it into the TR, open it in the SEQ, save it AND rename it as to whatever I want to call it and it works perfectly. There are a few parameter issues I had to deal with in Sonar but I won't go into that much detail at the moment.
My problem is:
After I import the audio track and create the click, i start adding the actual "notes" in Sonar using the piano roll (be they strings, piano ...). When I play the developing sequence in Sonar, notes in the sequence will play or not and sometimes will continue after i stop the sequence.
For example, I add a chord in the piano roll in sonar and then press play. Some of the chord might play but not always and a note may continue after i press stop if it's a type of note with no decay (like strings). I then have to press the "!" button once or twice to stop the note from playing.
I got the Tascam because my computer crashed and when I got it repaired they replaced the motherboard and hard drive. I was using my TR direct with USB to the laptop and the same process worked flawlessly before the crash. After the crash, Vista would not recognize the TR driver. I was online with Hewlett Packard for endless hours to no avail. So I needed an audio input system anyway and the Tascam 1641 fit the bill (financially). The audio end of it is great for the $ value by the way.
I've tried to contact Korg and Tascam, but we all know they are "unavailable" to help ... thus this forum.
May 26, 2009 @06:17pm