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Rewire and Reason - no sound on playback


Okay, so I know there are a bit of threads out everywhere on Reason 4 having no sound with Rewire in Pro Tools, but this one is one step different.
I'm using Pro Tools 7 LE and Reason 4 on an iMac with a MBox Mini and Korg Kontrol 49. I have monitors that I run through the MBox as well.
So here it is: I set up two instrument tracks and use Reason as a plugin on both. Both in Pro Tools/Rewire and Reason, I adjusted the inputs/outputs to correspond with each other, as well as made sure the "transport" option in Reason was selected. Now, the sound is perfect, each instrument plays as is supposed to in Pro Tools. It even records the MIDI. The catch is, when I want to play it back, there is no sound. The MIDI data is there - I stare at it as its playing back, but there are no levels jumping around in the mix window, but they were there a minute ago when I was recording...
What gives? I'm sure I missed something tiny -
Any insight/help would be greatly appreciated!!
May 18, 2009 @12:28am

I tend to make this mistake a lot too.
It's a simple fix.
In PT in the Mix window, right click on the words "INSERTS A-E" and from the drop down menu click "Instruments". You will see an "INSTRUMENT" panel above "INSERTS A-E" and there will be two bottons, the top is where the MIDI signal is coming from and the bottom is where the sound is coming from.
Assuming you're using Combinators, I'll refer to as Combi 1 (with Malstrom & RV7000) & Combi 2 (with Subtractor & PH-90) for ease of explanation, select Combi 1 on the track you want the sounds from Combi 1 (don't pick Malstrom or you'll get a no-reverb signal) and select Combi 2 on the track you want the sounds from Combi 2 (again, don't pick Substractor because you won't have the phased signal).
Hope that helps!
May 18, 2009 @11:11pm

AWESOME! That did it - thanks! :)
May 20, 2009 @11:47pm

Glad I could help :)
May 21, 2009 @10:31pm