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Guitarist - Which Drum Machine for live perf.


As a solo guitarist I want a drum machine with pre-programmed patterns for live performance with the ability to stop, start, ( and more ) using dedicated footpedals. I am not interested in recording, programing patterns, kits, or songs or "midi" solutions. Does such a beast exist? Now I have a Roland CR-1000 which might be the last of the pre-programmed pattern drum machines. I sent it to an audio repair shop and had them re-wire it? So, now I have hands-free ability to Stop, start, intro, fill, handclap, and alternate pattern. In effect I had the buttons for these functions routed to outputs where i plugged in a simple Roland/Boss DP-2 pedal for each function.
Problem: I would like a drum machine with more modern sounds but none seem to have the footpedal control for functions that are essential for live performance. Yes, I could have someone program a drum machine for my repertoire but then I am bound ..a slave to the programming and lose the ability to extend the tune, insert breaks ( stop and, start, handclap for the chorus, etc. I want to be the driver not the passenger.
Question: Does anyone make a Drum machine that has these features ( stop, start, endings, intros, fills, etc ) controllable via simple foot pedals ...without the added complexity of midi/ laptops/or programming. Thanks for reading this ... and hope someome can help. Peter:)
May 15, 2009 @11:41pm
Jimmy Clapton

Unfortunately I know of no drum machines that give you the live "on the fly" changes that you require and I have been looking for over 10 years!
October 22, 2009 @07:59pm

I think you can do what you need with a Roland DR-3, it has a feature called Rhythm Progressions that works with MIDI rather than relay switches. It's a little more complicated, a little more flexible that start/stop/intro/variation, but in conjunction with a MIDI foot controller, (or MIDI bass pedals) some footwork and a little programming kung-fu, you can make your live sets kill. Download the DR-3 manual: http://media.rolandus.com/manuals/DR-3_OM.pdf
Alternatively, you could use your current rig to trigger something like Addictive Drums if your machine has MIDI output. (you'd also need a MIDI/audio interface and a laptop)
December 5, 2009 @01:07pm