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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Best Multi Effect???


I play live gigs , weddings , etc...Looking for a relatively small setup with a huge sound....I am using a Fender Stage Solid State Amp with external speaker, so I have plenty power....I am looking to get a good multi effect floor unit that can cover everything....Does it exist ??? Considering Rocktron Utopia, TC Electronic Nova System, Boss GT-10, Vox Tonelab LE...Any suggestions???
May 15, 2009 @03:51am

Fractal audio Axe FX. sounds great direct, as well as a preamp into a power amp if you should choose, great effects, some of the best actually, just need to add a foot controller for midi stuff. expensive though
some of the Pod XT floorboards aren't bad, as I have actually heard good things about a new digitech floorboard belive it or not
May 15, 2009 @04:03am

Harmony central has great reviews on the Digitech RP-1000....
May 15, 2009 @04:53am

The Adrenalinn is an incredibly versatile box. If you're looking for purely effects (and no amps) the Line6 M13 might be the ticket. The Nova System sounds GREAT.
May 15, 2009 @06:18pm

Thanks Man...Isn't the Nova complicated to operate??
May 15, 2009 @07:45pm

I thought the general efx on the addrenalin left alot to be desired, at least through an amp, direct was a little better. but the input has some tone suck. LOVE the beat sync'd effects though.
are you wanting a multi effects box with speaker sim to go direct? if so, that will be an important factor in what you end up with
May 15, 2009 @08:06pm

Looking for an all in one floor model to gig with.....
May 15, 2009 @11:17pm

I don't think the nova or M13 have speaker compensated out. I believe they are just straight effects and pre amp tones that is needed to go through a power amp and speakers and not a direct plug into PA solution (I believe) the pod xt's and such, that have cab emulation as well, is what you want for direct plug and play. The best, fractal audio axe fx, at least in my opinion, pricey though.
go try some out if you can. lincoln brewster seems to do just fine with his Pod XT.
May 16, 2009 @01:00am

At Audioholic: I don't really experience tone-suck with the Adrenalinn (or Black Box, for that matter) but that may be because my pickups are all active. Also, I rarely use it as an effects-only box. I like the bread and butter effects (tremolo, delay, chorus, flange, pan, but NOT the reverb) especially after tweaking mix levels.
At Meir: I'll preface this by saying I don't own a Nova System, only played with it at the store. It was pretty easy to operate (dedicated buttons and virtual pots). There are "deeper" settings that would normally scare a guitar player (like pre-delay :-)) but you can ignore them if you'd like.
Going back to your original post, I don't know exactly what you mean by "huge" sound. I know that the best tone I hear when I play is a guitar straight into a tube amp. Even the $250 Fender Champ 600 sounds better than my $1000 solid-state Tech21 TM120. The Champ isn't as versatile (by a long shot) but the tone is just better. If I had the money (and actually played out with an amp) I'd get something like the Nova System or M13 (or a mess of EHX or Fulltone pedals) and run it into a small tube amp.
ps- as Audioholic reminds us, go and try some. Your taste is your taste and only you know what you're wanting to hear.
May 16, 2009 @03:34am

I have been living with the Boss GT-10 for about 2 months now and thus far I have been very pleased. Before I made my purchase I also looked at the Line 6 POD X3 live. I chose the Boss primarily due to its construction. Very durable chasis and switching. The Line 6 unit was way on the cheap side of construction with a plastic housing and very cheap feeling switches.
The sound or tone from my Boss is amazing in my opinion. I am running it through a Fender Stage 1600 2X12 160W amp using the "4 cable method" of hooking the GT-10 to the amp.
If you are looking for something to gig with, the Boss GT-10 would be a soild choice.
May 21, 2009 @06:43pm

I have the Vox Tonelab LE and it's outstanding. Very well built, easy to use and the sound is incredible. It also let's you select the type of system you're running though- a PA direct, closed back cabinet, open back cabinet, etc and then shapes the tone and output to give you the best sound.
It's well worth the look if you're going to spend $ 400-500 on a board.
May 29, 2009 @11:31am

I bought a Digitech RP1000 last week to play in a party/wedding band. I love it.
I bought it to use in the loop of a Rivera Fandango, but the amps sims are so good, I may use it direct to a powered monitor. I used the 4 cable method with the Rivera at a gig last week and it was great.
I have an old Pod 2.3 and POD Farm Platinum. Line 6 has too many problems with the X3 Live (which I almost bought) and the distorted tones on the Boss GT-10 sound too much like 80s, buzzy,Heavy Metal to me. (I've never been a fan of their COSM sounds.)
Check out the Youtube videos by Ralf Jung and ProGuitarShop.com
June 8, 2009 @07:35am
GM Reszel

You're going to get a myriad of opinions from a myriad of users with multiple experience and application here.
With that said, using it to do small gigs where I need simplicity and versatility I love my GT-6. You can always find them cheap and it is simple to use - I have yet to read the manual because everything was intuitive enough.
With that said I have a Pavlov drool for the GT-10. The 6 has just whet my appetite and I can see where the 10 has more flexibility, USB, etc.
I tried the Zoom unit,,,can't remember that model,,,what the 9.2tt,,,something like that and also TC's Nova. Liked them both in the showroom but I guess not enough to replace my GT-6, so for now I'll wait until I can afford the 10.
With the Digitech, Zoom, BOSS, TC, Line 6, VOX and others I think they all make great and flexible boxes - the technology and palette of sounds is there. I have come to learn with these units that if I'm not happy with the sounds I'm getting it is often my failure because I haven't learned the device or set some parameter right. The most important thing is you'll have to spend some time store testing and and much time learning the unit and making it work for you.
June 9, 2009 @01:49pm

I've been gigging with the Adrenalinn since the first version. The A3 sounds great through an amp if you adjust it. With the addition of the Reverb Compressor and Tuner (with mute mode) I have been able to retire all of my other effects except for a wah pedal. I could do the wah with a midi controller but I am a minimalist on stage. I like to keep things simple.
There are some specific settings on the unit for use with an amp. Unlike going direct or in a studio, amps are far from flat response devices The Adrenalinn has settings to pull back some of the mid frequency boost that a guitar amp adds. If you have a great sounding amp you can also disable the amp models all together and get the chorus delay compression and reverb effects. Lastly you can program the footswitches to do custom things per preset. All and all its pretty cool. There are a ton of good reviews all over the web on this box. I have upgraded my box twice from a
A1 to A2 and now A3. Roger has extended the capabilities of it way beyond the original feature set.
August 3, 2009 @08:40pm