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SONAR 7 Producer Plug-in Problem


In my online endeavor to find a solution to the problem I've encountered I have been unable to locate any answers.
Let me start out by giving an overview of my equipment in case any of it would matter.
Computer: Pentium Core 2 Quad 2.33GHz, 4GB RAM, ASUS nVidia GeForce 9800GTX+ (x2), Windows XP Professional SP3
Interface: Presonus Firestudio - Drivers and Firmware ARE up-to-date
Controller: Korg nanoKontrol
Software: SONAR 7.02 Producer (current version)
Here's my problem. When I open a plug-in and begin to edit its values everything responds and appears normal. Then a few seconds into my adjustments the plug-in display freezes and ceases to update the changes I am making on the screen. The weird thing is that the changes are still being made I just can't see a real time update.
The phenomenon reacts the same whether I am using my controller or the mouse.
In addition, the same problem occurs when I am adjusting certain settings; such as training my controller or editing metronome sounds. I'll open an options panel and begin to make adjustments then, all of the sudden, the options display freezes and doesn't show changes on the screen. If I close the FX panel or options window and re-open then I can see the changes I've made.
I even formatted my system hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP thinking something might have corrupted my installation of Windows. But... the problem still occurs. However, it didn't manifest itself at first. When I reinstalled SONAR and the drivers for my interface and controller and set everything to my liking everything worked properly for a day or so. Then, for no apparent reason, the problem occurred again.
Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
May 12, 2009 @04:46am

hi. although I do not have a solution to your problem, it appears you may have a solution to mine. I also run sonar 7 pe , but currently use presonus faderport, which works great. just bought nanokontrol, and cant get it to work with my software. please advise.?
May 16, 2009 @02:38pm

I'm sorry if I missed it, but I didn't read what the actual problem is. No sound at all? Make sure all avalible drivers are checked and asign the preferred driver to the output bus or channel. With WDM drivers, I had distortion in the form of a digital "click" on certain sounds. I went with ASIO drivers and the ASIO4ALL download because I use multiple setups. One to record and one to mix. And, I use 2 MOTU interfaces plus two inputs on a Creative x:fi. It's a time consuming set-up, but once it's done, you're good. ASIO also seems to be less taxing on my system. But, it just depends on your system. Friends use WDM, I can't. Same OS, differnt PC's.
dom lindars
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May 31, 2009 @05:54am