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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Mix issues! Please give a listen!


Hey Guys,
So this mix you are about to listen to is for a modern rock band. I'm going to leave you the link to myspace... I know not the best medium, but compare it to other myspace bands that are similar. I believe I am having a clarity issue.
I would appreciate any advice on any of it. There needs to be some vocal retakes and better automation, but please anything you can think of for this style genre!!!
Compare it to these bands
Basically loud overcompressed modern rock haha. Just any advice would be truly appreciated guys, thanks so much!
May 10, 2009 @01:19am

The Myspace player has horrible resolution, so I may not be hearing things as well as I should.
Maybe a bit too much 400-600 Hz in some spots? I also think the snare drum is a little overcompressed. The guitar that starts the verse on the left of the mix is too big on that side of the mix, and the mix doesn't balance until the chorus, which is probably a little late. I don't think you need to necessarily bring the volume down, but maybe pull some 400 Hz out, or at least bring a double or complement of the part on the other side of the mix in the second part of the verse to balance it.
I like the song and the sounds generally though.
May 10, 2009 @01:52pm

Hard to really get a good picture of it on myspace, but -
They sound really cool.
My big gripe is that the drums sound 95% programmed and 5% real.
Also seems a little crowded around 400-500 Hz.
Vocals sound good!
May 10, 2009 @02:54pm

MySpace player stinks. The sound is good, but but as far as I can hear it sounds like Pro Tools recordings. I happen to have analog equipment and the sound is much more open and robust. I would like to hear the songs using a better player. Good luck.
May 10, 2009 @07:36pm