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Pro Tools Tempo Problems


I'm usually pretty solid at troubleshooting system problems, but I'm at wits end with this one...hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.
I'm running 7.3 on a XP MCE computer (yeah, yeah, had to do the registry hack - don't think that the problem though because it worked fine before.)
I launch a session and everything loads properly. No errors, dialogs, warnings, etc. But when I begin playback, the play and stop button on the transport window both light up, then return to neutral. After a couple times, it will playback, but the tempo is wildly uneven. I think the problem is worse with midi than recorded audio, but it's hard to tell.
A while back, I started having trouble with my laptop. Long story short, I was able to get my hands on an external hard drive and move my session files before the internal went kaput. During the 'it can't really be my hard drive' phase of messing with my computer, I reinstalled the OS, Pro Tools...everything. I was able to launch and use session files from both the external and the internal drives just fine.
The hard drive went catastrophic shortly thereafter and was replaced by a more powerful model. I reinstalled the OS, and got the computer running again. Ableton Live works. Addictive Drums works. etc.
Thanks in advance!!
April 30, 2009 @12:44am