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Rack XT second hard drive is not hooked up


Hi there:)
well I got my new Rack XT
I installed my 2 Lynx-Two C cards in the PCI slots, with the newest drivers
I installed the newest driver for my Motu midi device
installed some of my software like Sonar 8, some plugins etc
everything seemed to be working great
Then I opened a song I recorded, off of a CD into Sonar, and it played just fine.
But then when I went to store it onto the second hard drive, which should probably be D, the big data drive,, there was no second hard drive showing
I went into My Computer and realized it wasn't there
So then I traced the red wire coming from the second hard drive and found it wasn't plugged in any where, it was just lying there in the bottom of the computer, the power cables are hooked up, they jump right off of the C drive to the second drive
The DVD/CD reader works fine and its red wire is plugged in right beside the one for the C drive, so C and the DVD are both plugged in beside each other in the 2 red socket things on the mother board, but there is an orange socket thing to the left of the 2 red ones, and it has nothing plugged into it.
I guess those are SATA connections
I am unfamiliar with SATA, all my other older computers were IDE and I would change hard drives in and out quite a bit.
But I'm not sure where to plug the second hard drive in.
Should both hard drives go in the red connections and the DVD go into the orange?
Do you always ship out your computers with the D drive unplugged?
Please let me know what to do.
....... thank you... Gary
April 12, 2009 @06:32am

We don't ship machines with unplugged drives.
Sometimes the shipping companies are not so gentle with the machines and the cables can work themselves loose. We use a latching mechanism on the drive side, but unfortunately, motherboard sockets don't always support the SATA latching connectors.
Matt in tech support should be posting shortly to tell you which port to plug back into. That should take care of things.
April 13, 2009 @01:52pm

Great!!! Thanks Justin for your fast reply:)
You guys really are a great support team at SweetWater.
Evan also left a message on my voice mail, telling me I can pretty much just plug it in any of the SATA slots, with machine off and grounding myself by touching the computer case, of course.
I actually was reading the motherboard booklet and some other articles on SATA drives and plugged it in Sunday night and it works perfect.
The Computer is running perfect and its a Monster...
A Big Thanks again for your swift help,,
I'm really glad I chose SweetWater to bye a computer from.
take care....Gary
April 13, 2009 @08:23pm

Glad we could help, and sorry that it wasn't perfect out of the box.
Enjoy the new machine, and give us a call if you need help with anything else.
April 13, 2009 @08:35pm

If this came undone due to shipping company handling, I am wondering what else will break on this machine. Packaging was ok, but probably should be improved.
April 4, 2010 @02:08pm