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"Unable to create new audio file on macintosh HD"!?


I have never had this problem before but now everytime i go to add an audiosuite compression on something i get this message. I first got it yesterday when i was using a compression on a session. I didn't know why i was getting it. I thought i was getting it because im using m powered and it only supports up to 32 simultaneous tracks...but when i started a brand new session and tried compressing just one track (the only track of the new session) i got the same message. I have well over a hundred gigs of free space left. I only have about 13 current projects on my computer. Also, back to the session i first got the message on, i tried deleting tracks, but it didn't help. what is this problem? I dont know why im getting this all of the sudden...
i just tried a brand new session and got it again...
I've tried a few things that may or may not be useful to anyone who helps. I found out, that it doesn't matter if im using a new session or not, the problem still occurs as long as im using a new region or track. I can still add any audiosuite effect to any EXISTING region within an EXISTING track (something i previously recorded) without the error message, but once i record a new region to an existing track or a new track, and try to apply any audiosuite effect, i get the message. Its almost like i had a certain amount of times i could use the audiosuite effects on regions and i just ran out. Because if i use a old session and try it on a new region, it doesn't work...and if i open up a new session and use it one a new track, it doesnt work. but if i use it on an existing track that i previously recorded, it works.
The problem occurs when hitting "process" for the audiosuite effect
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated..im pretty much freaking out b/c there's really no reason at all for this to happen..
Also...sometimes I'll get an error that reads something like "no audio file selected" when i select an audio region i want to process with audiosuite
specifications : Mac OSx 160 Gigs hard drive, 4 gigs memory, pro tools 7.4 w/ elastic time M powered
April 12, 2009 @02:13am

I'd start by trashing your prefs and databases.
That fixes a lot of weird problems.
Let me know -
April 12, 2009 @03:12am

Well, so far, its working. Idk how long. Ive only tried it a few times and its been working but i will trash them again if it keeps happening. If it doesn't work after a few times ill let you know. phewww, im glad to know that pro tools messes up for everyone instead of just me...i was really beginning to worry if i would ever be able to compress again. Thanks a bunch. Yeah, a few months ago i came across a forum that had a thread all about trashing prefs and i had no idea why anyone would do that until now... heres the little guide that a member of that forum made.
Thanks again so much.
April 12, 2009 @05:43am

I now have the macintosh hd icon on my desktop...just wanted to get it ... the com.apple.sidebarlists.plist file is in your home Library in the Preferences folder. ... able to get the new specs from 2.2mhz to 2.4, from 120g HD to 200gHD, ... Digital Video, Digital Audio, Web Design and Development ..
May 4, 2009 @05:51pm