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Using An outboard preamp with Apogee Duet


I'm not certain this is the correct forum, but my question does involve outboard gear.
I set up my DAW today (logic + apogee duet) but for the life of me I can't get my mic to work through my LA-610 into the duet into logic. My mic works fine going directly into the duet, but when I patch it through the 610 . . . nothing.
I am putting the Duet's mic line 1 into the 610's line output, and nothing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
April 10, 2009 @03:00am

i have the exact signal chain, except for i have an apogee symphony system.
first, in logic, make sure the duet is recongized. it should also show up in the "system preferences".
sounds to me like you just have a cable hooked up incorrectly.
there are 2 outs on the 610, the line out and mic out. could be you have those hooked up incorrectly. on the 610,you must also make sure you have the correct input mode - mic or line.
it's probably just a combination of those things.
you will love the sound of the 610. great preamp.
April 10, 2009 @12:05pm

first, what mic are you using? does it require phantom power? if so, make sure that the 610 has phantom power engaged (+48). second, you need to set the input on the duet to "line" input from the maestro control panel.
April 10, 2009 @02:31pm

Thank you for your prompt replies, both of you. There is only one out on the 610 and that is line out, so I used that. The mic is an ma-200 so it has an external power source. The duet was selected within logic pro, but I will try messing with Maestro line levels and such and see if that works.
Oh, is it going to matter if I do +4 or -10 impedance? I want to go with +4 but I don't want to risk messing anything up. Kind of a noob question, but I'm a bit new at matching impedance.
EDIT: still not working. It is correct for me to patch my duet into the line out on the LA610, yes? (I am using mic in-1 on the duet)
April 10, 2009 @09:13pm

Quick side note - -10 and +4 are in dBv and dBu, the numbers are just referring to levels in reference to 1 volt and .775 volts. There could be impedance issues, but the main factor is voltage.
I don't have a Duet, but aren't there 2 XLR mic connections and 2 TRS line inputs? (or something to that effect)
Are you trying to look at the mic signal when you should be looking at the line input of the duet?
April 10, 2009 @09:28pm

there are 2 xlr inputs only. they can be configured as mic or line inputs via the maestro control panel. in this case, you need to use +4 operating level.
April 10, 2009 @11:48pm

Wait, so are you saying I shouldn't be using the xlr connector of the duet through to the line output on the 610? obviously the line connect on the duet won't fit the line out on the 610, but that would mean I'd need to get a xlr to 1/4 adapter. Is this the case?
Edit: that was directed at smithcok.
At Foreverain: I just change xlr 1 to +4 line in maestro? I'm pretty sure I tried that (I'm not on my main comp currently) and it didn't work. I'll give it another shot when I get home.
April 10, 2009 @11:54pm

as i said earlier, use the xlr inputs, but configure them as line inputs in maestro. the 1/4" inputs are unbalanced instrument inputs. got it? it is pretty simple.
April 11, 2009 @12:00am

Alright. It still doesn't work. I will give you detailed breakdown of my setup. I drilled a hole through the wall, and I pass all my cables and such through it to my computer on the other side. Thus, my duet is drawing its power from the firewire on my monitor (it sounds fine listening to music, but maybe it doesn't have enough power to interface with the 610 — just a thought). My microphone is plugged into its power supply, with an xlr cable going from the audio output on the power supply to the mic input on the LA610. I then have the xlr on the duet going to the line output on the LA610. The only thing I haven't tried is patching the duets xlr to the line input on the 610. Is that what I should do? I've tried everything else (process of elimination, yadda yadda), including the above advice.
April 11, 2009 @12:17am

Yay, I got it. Noob mistake (it's been at least a year since I used my 610 last).
I had Line Input selected on the 610 rather than Mic Input. DOH!
Don't tell anyone, ok? :p
Again, thank you all for your help!
April 11, 2009 @12:31am