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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Roland Fantom G8 Is it worth it?


I am looking into getting a work station and the G8 has caught my attention. It seems like it is a nice work station with plenty of features.
The only thing that concerns me is that I have found a few very disappointed people that were not happy with the workstations operating system and sounds.
Has anyone else had a negative experience with the G8 or has the OS problems been fixed?
Some pros and cons of the G8 would be greatly appreciated.
April 6, 2009 @07:13am

If you do a search on this forum you can find threads where this has been discussed. You'll find most of the comments negative and some of them give good specific information. Is the fantom G worth it? In a nutshell, No, not in my opinion and according to sales, and based on the comments I've heard and read from users, not in the public's eye either.
April 7, 2009 @12:43am

I agree with what Supermanrulez said. The Fantom G is way over-priced and even if it was the same price as the Korg M3 or Yamaha Motif XS, its two main competitors, I would still choose both over the Fantom G. IMO in many ways the Fantom G is a step backwards for Roland. More people seem to prefer the Fantom X, Roland's prior offering, over the G. I think that speaks volumes when your own consumer base of users prefers the previous model.
April 7, 2009 @03:36am

I spent alot of time searching for a keyboard. I decided I wanted a workstation and compared 4 keyboards. I don't have the time right now to type all the things I experienced but I'll share my impressions of the G8. I found it lacking sonically when compared to the others. It reminded me too much of the fantom X and personally I would probably get a maxed out fantom X over the Fantom G. I don't know what Roland was thinking but some of the decisions they made puzzled me. I had issues with the multisampling, really lack of it working properly, to be honest. After I went over the competition, it was easy for me to eliminate the fantom G first. Couple that the problems Jordan Ruddess had with it and the high number of customer returns and I think I made the best decision.
April 8, 2009 @12:34am

In answer to your question, no the Fantom G is not worth it. Its overpriced and the least impressive of all the workstations out there. Someone on these forums talked about a large number being returned. I wasn't sure how reliable that information was but I had a salesperson at my local GC tell me the exact same thing in regards to our local store.
April 8, 2009 @02:52am

Thanks everyone for your input. I can see from what you all say and what I have been hearing from others that the Fantom G is not worth it.
Im still looking for a keyboard workstation does anyone have some suggestions?
Something along the lines of the Fantom G that is actually worth the money is what I am looking for.
April 8, 2009 @04:09pm

IMO for the money I think the Korg M3 is the best value right now on the market. Great sounds all around, not quite as good a piano sound as the Motif XS but overall with the editability, number of sounds, the newly released sounds (which are free), and the radias expansion option you can cover everything with it. I am seriously considering getting one and selling off my other gear to get it.
April 10, 2009 @12:21am

In the beginning,I was one of the most anti-Fantom G guys out there-but recently,I've developed a vested interest in Roland's SRX library and I wanted a Fantom X-but I wanted one new,but none were available anywhere.
I then looked toward the Juno G,because it was an inexpensive way to gain access to the SRX library,but after having read through and viewed all of the LCD issues on various forums & YouTube,I decided against the Juno G.
I then began to further my research on the Fantom G and I've discovered a vast sea of in-depth overview & tutorial videos and became really impressed by all of the functionality & sounds.
Yes,there's alot of Fantom X-esque sounds,but there's also selections from every expansion card from the SRX library built in and I've grown to love the SRX sound quality.
The Studio Mode of the Fantom G is amazing to me,as it has 16 insert effects,as well as additional chrous,reverb & mastering effects.
From what I've read,all or most of the OS bugs have been eliminated,there's additional sounds that were added & the price has dropped by $300...so at this point,it seems like a fairly good deal,especially since no other hardware workstation out there has such a large amount of midi & audio tracks.

I generally don't place much stock into demo songs,as they can be deceiving,but I listened through all of the audio demos in single mode & I was pleased with what I had heard.
I also never realized how impressive the effects processors are and I was surprised at just how many patches there are in this keyboard,as there are literally thousands.
At this point,my only real gripe with the Fantom G,is the price of the ARX cards & the fact that there's only 3 of them to choose from.....so I'm hoping Roland will extend their ARX selections into a library one day & lower the price a bit.
The only other thing I can find fault in,is that the Fantom G has a very powerful engine and that Roland has not fully utilized it's potential,as of yet....but I think that may change down the road,as I don't think the Fantom G is going away any time soon-as despite it's faults,the Fantom G has capabilities & depth that sets it apart from anything else and it's just a matter of time for Roland to bring the Fantom G to it's fruition sound-wise.
All this being said,I think the Fantom G is a sound investment & it will pay off well in the long term,at some point.
July 28, 2009 @04:40pm

Upon further research-coupled with very careful considerations,I now reverse some of my statements about the Roland G series.
While I still feel that Roland's expansion cards are impressive,they are just too damn expensive and the card upgrades are the only reason to buy a Roland in the first place.

It's also impossible to utilize all of the 128 tracks in terms of storage and all of these tracks could only be feasible with an enormous built in hard drive...so there's really no point in owning one,as I see it.
All this being said and after having researched the Korg M3 further..well...the free expansion is nothing short of incredible...in fact,I was so impressed with the Korg M50 that I had purchased last year,I decided to sell my M50 in order to buy the M3.
Korg isn't for everyone-but then again,there is no single keyboard out there that will give everything that everyone wants,but the M3 is the very next best thing to this concept and no other company out there offers so much and at a price no one else can match.
I've been a Korg owner for 22 years-but not out of blind loyalty,but rather,due to their features and Korg always gives me sufficient reason to remain a Korg owner.
Korg continues to amaze me and I'm really looking forward to seeing what Korg comes up with next!
October 30, 2009 @12:06am

All this being said and after having researched the Korg M3 further..well...the free expansion is nothing short of incredible...in fact,I was so impressed with the Korg M50 that I had purchased last year,I decided to sell my M50 in order to buy the M3.

Good decision. :)
I've owned an M3 for about 2 years now--great keyboard.
October 30, 2009 @01:33pm