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USB conflict PT vs USB cassette/turntable ?

NY Chief

Second post :)
I recently added an ION Tape 2 Tape cassette deck with USB out and an Art Accessories phono pre amp with USB out so I can digitize old vinyl and cassette to my rig. Running PT 7, Digi002R, Command 8 on a CS. After transferring a file from cassette the audio is somehow defeated, no sound yet the playback is still set digi 002R. Re-booting re-sets and I can play the file through PT.
When I added the turntable USB PT would not complete boot up. When I pulled the cassette and turntable USB cables PT booted normally.
Is this some sort of IRQ / USB port conflict?
April 1, 2009 @08:12pm

Are you trying to run the USB outputs of these devices into ProTools directly?
ProTools will not see a non-Digidesign audio interface at all.
You would need to import from these devices directly into the 002's audio inputs, or you would need to record the audio in via USB on another program like Audacity, and then save it as a file ProTools can import (.wav).
The USB devices shouldn't interfere with ProTools. Especially since the 003 is Firewire. (ProTools won't launch w/o the 003 attached though)
April 1, 2009 @08:52pm
NY Chief

No, not trying to run the USB outputs of these devices into ProTools directly.
After converting the analog source from casstte and saving the file it will not play (no sound) using mediaplayer but if I re-boot the system it does play.
When I had both the cassette and TT USB connected, PT would not boot up.
April 1, 2009 @08:58pm

I'm not sure. It doesn't sound like anything specific to the Creation Station. I'd sooner guess a USB bus power / resource conflict or an issue with the Digi MME helper. I'd call our tech support department and they can go through it with you on the phone.
April 1, 2009 @09:04pm
NY Chief

Thanks, Justin. I have aready submitted it via email. Will play with it more tonight.
April 1, 2009 @09:16pm