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What Cabinet to get for my Fender Combo?


I've had a Fender Rumble 100W Combo amp for a while now and it's work well for small gigs. now that I'm starting to play larger shows its just not enough to give me that deep vibration and im drown out by the rest of the band.
I was thinking about getting a 4X10 speaker cab since the combo has 1X15. figured it would give me a greater range since i use and active bass and i enjoy mixing up my tones. what cab should i get and will that fact that me combo is only 100 watts be a problem compared to all the heads around which put out much more? i was looking at some cabs around $300-400.
April 1, 2009 @05:03am

Fender Combos are known to be very picky, and will often turn their noses up at most reds, several whites, and ALL blushes.
So, don't mess around with Californian, or even Chilean red wines- get her a nice french cabernet sauvignon, and be done with it.
June 20, 2009 @01:34am