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DMPA+FW1804 Q for SW Engineer


Here's the deal.
I have an ART digital MPA mic preamp, a Tascam FW 1804 Firewire interface, and a Macbook Pro with Digital Performer 5. I am having trouble getting the DMPA to connect digitally with the Tascam Interface. I first used the coaxial RCA SPDIF output on the DMPA and routed it to the RCA SPDIF input on the FW1804. The 'digital in' (D IN) indicator on the FW1804 lights up to show a good connection, but then blinks on and off. I assume this means the sample rates aren't syncing (and yes I made sure the sample rate settings on both pieces of equipment were the same).
So, I tried using an optical cable instead. I used the optical output on the DMPA and routed it to the optical input on the interface. Same problem. It seemed to connect correctly, but then proceeded to blink.
It may also be valuable to know that I can't seem to render any digital levels on the DMPA (is this because it won't connect to the interface?).
My main question is 'do I need a word clock to sync both units up'? The interface is supposed to have one built in. Perhaps it's not cutting it?
I'm sure I've got all the settings correct as I have read the manuals for both units repeatedly. I did have this combination working a few weeks ago, so I know they are compatible. Perhaps the synchronization device is messed up?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
March 30, 2009 @10:36pm

Make sure that your FW1804 interface synchronization (driver set up) is set up to external whatever input you using at the time (coax or optical). Or there is other way to synch it with wold clock cable. Than you do it in reverse: you set up FW1804 for internal synchronisation, ART sample rate selector should be set up for WCLK and your optical or coaxial (SPDIF) cable should be connected too.
Good Luck!
April 18, 2009 @10:34pm

Thanks for the reply. I'll have to try this out.
My only problem now, is that the core audio driver on my Macbook gives me three different options (of which I can only choose one) for the interface: an 18in 12out, an 8 channel interface (ADAT or Analog), or a 2 channel interface (ADAT 1:2, S/PDIF 1:2). With these options, it seems as though I can't run the S/PDIF Coax from the DMPA and the 8 analog ins on the FW-1804 simultaneously. Any thoughts on this?
April 26, 2009 @01:48am

Has been a while... If you still there.
Use "18in 12out", and when you open it's mixer find sync options and try to follow instructions from previous post.
September 13, 2009 @07:55pm