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Keyboard With Most Authentic Piano Sound?


Hello everyone.
I am looking to invest around £200 ($300) in a good 2nd hand keyboard or synth.
I played the roland jv-30 and fell in love with the piano sound in it.
I have been trying with great difficulty to get a hold of one but to no avail.
I was wondering could anyone give me advice on similiar products that have excellent piano sounds. I am not really looking for anything spectacular as far as what the synth can do, but i would just love a truly authentic piano sound or the best for what i am paying
March 13, 2009 @10:03pm

I am in love with the sound that the Yamaha YPG 635 makes. there are other great sounds and you could go more and more expensive, but I think the YPG series is a great bet. The 635 is a bit more expensive then what youre talking about (900 bones), but there is the less expensive 235 and 535. the drawback is you lose the weighted hammer action keys and instead of 88keys its 61 or 76. But the sounds should be just as good. happy hunting.
March 17, 2009 @06:55pm