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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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DP/JLCooper compatibility???


im looking at the MCS-3800 + add on packs for use with DP, anyone used this setup??? does it work well? how stable is it? etc... the driver from JLCooper's site is in its beta form yet written almost a year ago, are they being slackers or is the support not there or does it even work??? whats the deal?
August 17, 2001 @07:17pm
Kenny Bergle

I have used the mcs3800 with DP and it works well. I have used it as a HUI profile. There were no real bugs, but I did find that the MCS3800 was more responsive to MIDI playback (faders moved faster). In DP3.0 there is an MCS3800 profile, I believe. I will check it out on my dp3.0 and let you know...
August 20, 2001 @10:02pm

thank you mucho. no one else has offered the slightest knowledge until your post. please let me know, i am very interested in their product if it works well. especially if Motu/JL incorporate the other modules such as the MCS clipshot and the MCS viewpoint.
im wondering how in depth it works wiht DP, also have you loaded their BETA MOTU/DP Driver at jlcoopers website. is this so it doesnt need to be in HUI emulation mode?
August 21, 2001 @04:32am