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MacBook Pro and DP5


Thank you so much. You just ended hours of frustration.
January 27, 2009 @04:08pm

I have been trying to convert a midi track to an audio file since getting my new MacBook Pro but without luck. I have loaded latest DP version 5.13 and have tested firewire, and reset my 828mk2 back to factory settings. Motu tech said to put input on new audio track as built-in input and output as built-in ouput, but cannot get those settings in the Audio MIDI setup. I tried to aggregate the devices, including the MOTU 828, but audio output side drops out.
When using the Mac G5, I had previously used MOTU 828mk2 as my input and output designations for Audio MIDI Setup.
I am not sure if I should be setting up something in the Bundles but thought that was automatic. I have three modules plugged into the MOTO MTPAV and with the analog lines into the 828 ports which shows up correctly in the Bundles screen in DP5.13 instrument assignments. I did not have any bundle assignments for the busses.
DP5.13 creates a file in the soundfiles list but there is no signal in it.
I am not sure what else I should do to test out the system.
Frustrated in Houston.
January 27, 2009 @04:24pm

You need to use the 828 inputs and outputs when you select the inputs and output on the audio tracks. I don't know why MOTU tech would have told you to use Built-In Audio, but that's not correct.
If the 828 input and output names are not showing in the drop-down, go into Hardware Setup, and you should be able to select either Built-in audio or the 828 as a device- they should both be showing in the window. Select the 828. Once you've selected it, go back and try again to select inputs and outputs on the track, and it should show up.
Make sure your clock source is set to Internal.
You can also open the Audio Monitor window to see if you're really passing audio from the inputs once you put the appropriate audio track into Record-ready.
January 27, 2009 @04:45pm