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On the Big Screen


Suggestions please...:
My House of Worship currently uses Easy Worship software for our projection screen at the FOH position but we do not have a final-view monitor. I tried the dual DVI output from a Nvidia 7600 w/S-video TV out thinking that what I see on the second monitor would be the same as on the screen (no go.) Easy Worship software outputs to the Primary or Secondary source. So I can't use both DVI monitors and the TV out (S-video) at the same time.
Any ideas on how to get a final-view source at the FOH position and keep my dual screens on the pc? I'm game for a video mixer, switch or new video card but the budget is around $500.
Thanks All.
January 14, 2009 @01:51pm

I am not good in technical stuffs but before installing EasyWorship, I just thought that PowerPoint can also make use of the dual screens. Now what happens is that PowerPoint only sees one big screen. There is a place where you can tell PowerPoint which screen to project its “show” on. But the pull down menu is disabled because, as far PowerPoint is concerned, there is only one big screen. Well, this happens usually in churches.
January 31, 2011 @03:31am