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Midi Interface Hook up with Pro Tools Digi002R


Setup>iMac G5>MacOSX (v.10.4.11)>>Pro- Tools LE v.7.1>
Digi002Rack- Audio Interface(8in/out)- onboard Midi:MidiIn,(2)MidiOut's>>
Mackie 8 Channel Controller:MidiOut/
MidiIn)>MPC2000XL(MidiIn:1/2 and MidiOut:A/B merged signal)
>Two older Sound Mods both with(Midi- In/Out/Thru)>M-Audio 49e keysatation Controller with
(Midi Out).
I already have the <MidiSport 4x4> looking to upgrade to get more midi ports. Having a hard time figuring out how to integrate the 4x4 MidiSport.Had it up and running>
Triggering the Sound Mods/MPC200xl drums is the problem.Do you have to have a midi cable hookup from the Midisport to the Digi002R to get the sequencer software to recognize the MIDI data after opening up a MidiTrack <or> does the MIDI data gets transmitted down the USB Cable?.PS I have the outputs of the Sound Mod's and MPC connected to the audio inputs to Digi002R.Channel5/6 and 7/8.
November 22, 2008 @10:16am

Connect your MPC200XL, 2 sound mods and M-Audio 49 to the MidiSport via midi in/out and connect the midisport to the mac via USB. You need to make sure AMS recognizes your MidiSport. If you see it in AMS, then manually add your MPC200XL, 2 sound mods and M-Audio 49. You do this by clicking Add Device and choosing the model of the device. Connect them via midi in/out to the MidiSport in AMS by using your mouse. When you open PT, create a midi track and choose the input as your controller and choose a transmit channel. On the output choose which sound mod you want to trigger. I hope this helps.
November 22, 2008 @03:50pm

Wow!I ran across your replay and wanted to say thanks....almost two years later....LOL.I had to transfer apartments due to furnace malfunction and pain- in- azz property manager.What a fiasco!!!Had to Move Studio and Over 2k vinyl records.Just getting back into groove.Still got MPC and studio sitting around collecting dust.Been back in the lab non-stop.... almost @ ground zero but it's starting to make sense.Thanks again!!!....If you respond I will keep up updated with new equipment.
August 25, 2010 @09:24pm

I ran across this old post. I added an Alesis Sythn QS8.2 and brought additional software.Reasons 5 and Ableton Live suite 8.2.1..Thanks for the advice.... ;)
November 28, 2011 @02:34pm