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MOTU 896mk3 vs Fireface 400... Which one?


Hey forum,
I need to purchase a new Interface and it's coming down to either the new Motu 896mk3 or the RME Fireface 400.
I'm running PC... Cubase SX 3, Reaper, and a ton of VSTi's like Halion 3, Kontakt 3, Spectrasonics, etc.
I was leaning on the Motu 896mk3 (price wise) but also read that it had some issues... especially noise or hissing when playing back mp3's, watching youtube, or using winamp, like 50% of the time.
My question is IF this is the case, has Motu addresed it? Is there an update that fixed it?
Also, what about compatibility with Cubase SX 3, Reaper, etc.
The other option (if I don't go with Motu or RME) is perhaps to just get a good mice pre like the ISA 428 and a ADDA card like the M-Audio Audiophile 192 and that way have better pres off the top.
Any input would be greatly appreciated!
November 11, 2008 @01:05pm
Roy C.

I've had 5 MOTU units. The first unit, the main out volume knob didn't work. The 2nd unit, the trims didnt work for 1 and 2 inputs. The 3rd unit, the LED's did not work for channel 3-4. Then, work picked up and I didn't mess with anything for a few months. Unpacked it, and there hissing in the main outs when connected to firewire. Sent it to MOTU. They sent me a replacement unit. Same thing. I've built 3 computers now and purchased numerous firewire cables trying to eliminate. No go. It's not the unit, it's not the computer, it's not the firewire cable. MOTU has stopped answering my support requests.
Luckily, Jason with Sweetwater is a stand-up dude. He has his tech's helping me out. But their talking about sending it in for repair, which I feel is pointless due to recieving a new unit from MOTU and it doing the same thing. Obviously, this unit picks up stray interference or something.
I'ts been almost a year now, and I still don't have a functioning audio interface that doesn't pop/hiss every few seconds.
BAD PRODUCTS + BAD MOTU SERVICE = a lost customer for life.
Also, if you have links to what you were reading on, please share as I need this working NOW!!!
June 19, 2010 @12:03am