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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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What do you think of these power drops?


A few weeks ago I posted a question about some power cables. Here’s the old post:
I’ve been using these Furman power cables for a few years. Recently, I’m finding more and more outlets (on the three ways) that are dead. A buddy of mine who has all this thick “SO” power cable (the kind with the quad box on the end) is always telling me, “dude, you need to get some real power”.
So my question is - if I CANNOT make my own or if someone else (even the buddy I mentioned) CANNOT make or sell me some of these thick-cabled power drops, where can I order/purchase some for myself? What website or company makes or sells this type of thing? Where do people get them?
Thanks a lot…

Someone, somewhere sent me this link:
If that link doesn’t work, try this: http://stores.ebay.com/anaexcess
My question is do you think these will be fine for what I need? I’ve talked to a couple of people about getting some stuff from Lowes and putting some together, but since the price looks right on these and I could get these in my cable trunk quicker than going the Lowes route, I thought I might buy these if they will work out.
Will these power drops work out?
October 23, 2008 @03:59pm