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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Headroom and Stage Monitors

Hipster Dofus

OK, I understand why HR is needed in the mains. I know you run 1.5x or more wattage amp to cover the spikes, peaks, and so on.
So what about stage wedges? I run 2 MRX112M's, and 2 JRX100 wedges(JBL). I run them with a bit more power than the continuous rating.... like 50w-100w over, one per side of my amps, all 8 ohm.
Amps are Crown XTi200(MRX's), and an XLS402(JRX). 2 to 3 mixes depending on location.
I could drop to 2 mixes, and bridge both amps to really get some HR, but is it as big a deal?
Mackie ONYX and DBX/Ashly 31's(EQ) and DBX 166xl's round out the system.
Anythoughts on this. Volume is not really an issue, but I'm always wanting to milk every bit I can out of my monitors.
I have 4 vox mics, 2 keys, and and acoustic that go in the Stage mixes BTW.
September 22, 2008 @10:03pm

I'm no expert, but I think you would be ok to give your monitors more power. I also use the JBL JRX wedges and I power them 200watts over. I have noticed they sound cleaner with more, and "better" power. Everyone has always told me that giving your speakers more power then they are rated is always a good thing. Less power has more potential to hurt a speaker then having too much power. As long as the electronics and wiring can handle the power. EXP: Cheap Nady speakers electronics typically give out with too much power, but better built Yamaha, JBL speakers tend to handle more power excellent. I say go for it! Power them babies up, I know I do and I haven't had any problems!
October 7, 2008 @03:24pm

If cost is a concern, what about keeping lower power amplifiers but with good limiters in the chain to avoid the clipping that we all know kills tweeters? You'd be able to squeeze every drop out of the amps which the speakers (maybe not budget brands) will handle, but without the effects of frequent clipping. Granted, from a quality perspective it can't compare to just using larger amps which give those nice peaks, but maybe it's a decent substitute: either prevents damage equally well.
October 8, 2008 @06:21am
Hipster Dofus

I have decided that monitors are what end up getting pushed the hardest most times.... Always need more...LOL.
I will end up with the recommended 2x with my wedges soon. I have run my JRX's with my Crown XTi2000. It doesn't take much to get volume out of them. The MRX's I will be be using another XTi bridged for them for around 1000w ea. Should be plenty! The DO need some power to really get going.
October 11, 2008 @01:05pm

All I can say is - don't go deaf!
October 11, 2008 @01:53pm

Right on brother, power it all up! haha. Just make sure you have plenty of outlets where you set up. I put 3600 watts in my MRX subs, and 1600 watts in my MRX mains, the more power I give them the better the sound! Headroom is a great thing, keep it all in the green :)
October 14, 2008 @06:11pm
Hipster Dofus

I run 1 SRX sub with an XTi2000 bridged, and I will be running 2 MRX512m's the same way. I also run 2 Mackie SRM450's (mains for now), and the 2 JRX monitors as well.
I HATE playing with sound provided and having NO monitors..... We need 4 vox, 2 keys, and an acoustic guitar (not all at the same time!), and we are not even that loud on stage......
That SRX is killer BTW.
October 19, 2008 @05:16pm