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Starting Pa setup help needed!


My friend and I have been trying to piece together everything about speakers and watts and ohms, we read in the forum about getting a clear signal by having double the program wattage for a PA set (with correct ohms obviously) We need to know what amp wattage we need for a pair of Peavey PR15N or PR115s
Basically we don't want to spend all our money on a setup that could have been better had we shopped for the correct things.
we need to know if we can use bridged mono to get the power from one amp sufficient to run two PAs effectively
we basically want 400w worth of sound, the peavey 15" PAs seem to be robust and what we need for the price, we need an amp to match them well
thanks for your help
- Chaffel and Magoni (aka Square Wave)
September 17, 2008 @02:38am

Your Peavey PR's are 8ohms. So you would have to get a pretty big amp to get 400 watts at 8ohms. I would consider daisy chaining the speakers together off 1 side of the amp, then maybe using the other side of the amp for a subwoofer. Or bridge the amp and run the speakers together at 4 ohms. I would get a QSC, I think the MRX 850 would be a good amp to bridge. At 4ohms it provides 840 watts, so that would give each of your speakers 420 watts. Don't be afraid to give you PR's a little more power then they are rated. They will take 500 watts and the might thank you for it. Another amp to consider is the QSC GX5.
Hope that helps.
October 7, 2008 @03:35pm