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stage monitor setup


Im running sound for concerts on my campus and i recently performed major upgrades to my sound system.
The only problem im having is with my monitoring. My board has 2 auxillary sends which is alright.. but it leaves my wanting a little bit more. right now im just using 2 kustom 10" wedges on the front corners of the stage. I need to get something back to the drummer but i dont want to have one speaker at the drummer and one at the front of the stage. I am thinking about getting two more of the kustoms and another power amp to go along with them. (use each amp in mono and chain 2 monitors together)
my board also has a mono send and i have an old ev pa speaker lying around. could i use that to send back to the drummer? or should i look into some kind of headphone set up (and if headphones are the way to go, whats the best way to set that up?)
thanks and sorry this was so long
September 5, 2008 @01:22am

What board do you have?
Your amp may be big enough to just daisy chain the kustom monitors. 2 monitors on each side of the amp so its running at 4ohms instead of 8ohms. You will get more power out of the amp that way anyways. Then you could just buy the 2 more monitors. Have 1 of your aux sends control the 2 monitors at the front, and then have the other aux send control the drummer's monitor. You could even just use the monitor you already have. Run that monitor on channel B of your power amp for the drummer through Aux 2, and then daisy chain the Kustom's from Channel A of your power camp through Aux 1. This way you don't have to spend any money, except for maybe a speaker cable. Even if daisy chaining your Kustom's and running the amp at 4ohms provides more power then the speakers are rated I think you will be ok. I have used Kustom monitors and I always give them double the power. What amp are you using? Hope this helps...
October 7, 2008 @04:07pm