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Taking a picture


Does anyone remember how to take a "screen snapshot" picture on a mac? I forgot the key combination!
July 7, 2001 @01:03am

Sure, easy!!!
Press Command, Shift and 3 (not F3) at the same time and it will take a picture of your screen and put a file into your main hard/system drive labeled "Picture xx"
Command, Shift, and 4 does the same thing, BUT it allows you to select what part of the screen to make a picture of.
July 7, 2001 @02:12am

There is one more picture trick that I find really useful. Shift, Apple, 4 and Caps Lock will take a picture of the complete window you click on next.
I use it all the time for web production.
July 7, 2001 @02:40am

OK, now THAT one is REALLY snazzy!
July 7, 2001 @02:45am
Joe Muscara

if you do command-shift-4 then hit the space bar, the cursor turns into a camera and will highlight the window it will grab for the screen shot.
January 31, 2009 @01:45pm

Don't forget command control shift 4 to copy a section to the clipboard, then paste it into Photoshop..
July 4, 2009 @05:49am
music producer

These are helpful and will be useful. Can't tell you how many pictures I've taken over the years by accident... Shift/Option/3 consolidates selected regions in pro tools, and in the heat of battle, it's really easy to snap a pic! But the pic thing is SO Great for saving complex information of any sort that is most easily accessed visually.
August 16, 2010 @03:57pm