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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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So I bought an ATM250...


Last week I ordered an ATM250 kick drum mic from Direct Pro Audio. They were selling demos for $130.00. This mic sells for $180.00 usually.
I've wanted to get one of these for some time now, but the drummer in the band I run sound for has a Beta52 I use instead if my Shure PG52 (the PG52 really isn't terrible!). So I put off getting/trying the ATM250 because I really didn't NEED it and I hadn't heard one with my own ears. I've used the AT25 several times, and I've always thought it was a killin' mic.
So, Saturday night I get the kit all mic'd up and I can't wait for soundcheck. The hotel provided a spider box that had some terrible buzzes. They didn't get it switched out 'till after we were supposed to be done with soundcheck.
Two hours later, the bands starts and somethngs not right. I'm tweaking the channel's EQ and changing the position of the ATM250 the whole first set. It was terrible! I switch back to the Beta52 during the break. The band starts again - it was still terrible! So I knew it wasn't the mic. I check all that I know to check and the low end of my four JBL MP418S's was just muddy(?) and not very loud.
So I'm all pee'd off because now I think there's there's something very wrong with my rig. So yesterday we have another show. I wanted to give the ATM250 another try. I set the channel flat, call for the drummer's kick, and there it was. Pure kick drum destruction! I had the gain all the way down (I have a Mackie SR24-4 with no much needed pad...) and the meter was almost into the yellow.
Once I cut some 250 (his kick is a little cardboardy...), the level was OK. Man, this mic was just killin'! I don't know any big technical terms and I can't give any data or readouts, but I liked the ATM250 more than the Beta52. I felt right away that this was a very natural sounding mic. I've used the Audix D6 before and I felt like it was killer for SOME things (I'm not slamming the D6, I just think it's best suited for fake, watered-down, punk-emo type mess...) but if I HAD TO only have one mic, I couldn't get away with only having a D6, or a D112.
Oh yeah, as far as the low end issue from Saturday night goes, well somehow something accidently got changed in the Driverack PA's low crossover. I remember a server bumping in to me while I was turning the low crossover gain up a bit. The "LR" slope(?) got changed. It's usually LR24 but I thought I remember it showing LR12? So when I powered up for Sunday's (yesterday) show, everything was back to normal and I can look forward to life with an ATM250!
I'm loving this mic!
September 1, 2008 @03:49pm

I've got it's big brother, the Artist Elite 2500. I love the thing, but seldom get to use it for anything but the every other year recording of a big band.
September 2, 2008 @01:44am

I've got it's big brother, the Artist Elite 2500. I love the thing, but seldom get to use it for anything but the every other year recording of a big band.

Hey to both of you!
Audio-Technica makes some incredible condenser mics...at the right price. I have their ATM-710 vocal condenser mic and the Artist Elite 4500. The ATM-710 is used for live gigs while the Artist Elite stays home in the studio for recording. Each one blows away and dynamic I've used so far! I have some photos of me using them in the studio and an ad for a rebate on the Artist Elite mics up at my website below so take a look if you like.
The New Eclectic Sound Experience
October 23, 2008 @02:28am