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Korg X50 and a midi controller-good combo?


I am new to synths, and I am getting ready to purchase a Korg X 50 and I have some questions...
I know that the X50 doesn't have onboard sequencing capabilities-or at least I'm pretty sure it doesn't...
anyways, I love the X 50-it's the right price for me- for a starter synth,
the right size-
I plan on taking it with me quite a bit- and from what I've heard and seen, has got some great samples/sounds-
I want this synth!!!, but I want to be able to write tracks/sequence/arrange etc.- can I do that with the X50 and a midi controller combination, rather than having to use my PC?--
I can use my PC, and I know I will have to, to do editing, but can I sequence by running the X50 through a midi controller?
Can I also choose samples from the X50 to run through a controller and run them at the same time using samples, etc. from the X50, on the controller?
hope it doesn't sound too cofusing...
thanks alot for your help,
August 28, 2008 @07:53pm