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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Sequencing for a Live Band


I'm researching the possibility of adding some sequencing to my band, for live situations. Not too extensive, just things like signature keyboard parts that leave a glaring hole when not present.
Can someone please enlighten me as to what a good "minimalist" type setup might be - what I would need? I'm trying to determine if it would be worth the cost/effort.
August 21, 2008 @03:54pm

John I've been sequencing my bands missing parts for twenty years (drummers and bass players kept jumping ship and moving on and I got tired of working in new players . . over the years I have used several synth workstations along side a Roland MC500mkll sequencer and all have served me well . Bringing a lap top to the gig is one avenue . . the real issue is syncing up the sequencer enabling the band to play comfortably in real time . . you must realize that a sequencer becomes the leader and players must adjust . Real train wrecks occur if the band deviates from the sequenced tempo . . so careful attention to the tempo track must be the first and foremost priority . Second , I sequence the drums so following the sequence is less of an issue but for a live drummer to follow the sequencer steps must be taken to insure the drummer can easily follow the sequence . . i.e. some sort of click trk . . count off of songs . .also retards ,time signature changes can be tricky . .also the arrangement becomes fixed so extending or adding measures in solos becomes a thing of the past . . adding the sequenced parts can be very satisfiing in regards to the overall arrangement . . and mixing them is usually a breeze . . I have discovered in the last year the advantages of recording my sequences and subsequently using an ipod at the gig . . you can easily rearrange your sets before the gig (include a few well planned moments between songs . . then just turn the ipod loose . . with timed break music . . all is swell . . . bobby ps . I thought I would mention that a sequencer can also automate a digital mixer as well as midi lighting controller
August 24, 2008 @02:39pm

It's sort of a niche solution (and won't cover all or most of the bases a standard sequencer does) but the Roger Linn Adrenalinn is a neat piece to look at: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AdrenaLinn3
Here's a user-story about how an Adrenalinn replaced a keyboard rig:
"We've started rehearsing for a Peter Gabriel tour, I'm playing guitar, using a big rack full of gear. Half way through rehearsing, we had to go and headline a 20,000 people festival where we could only take instruments, no amps, nothing. So I reprogrammed the Adrenalinn to do everything the rack did in about half an hour, did the show with that alone and it sounded fantastic, the gig was a great success. Well done for making a great box."
"It's also worth mentioning that I was supposed to play guitar and keys on this tour, but with the adrenalinn, I can cover everything the keyboards would have done with guitar"
Richard Evans, guitarist with Peter Gabriel

August 25, 2008 @04:38pm