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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Hum in non-pro tape deck..


I have a DAW setup using an Alessis Studio 32, Layla,Tannoy Monitors,Alessis M300 amp and Cool Pro... I use balanced connects and have all grounded to a single cord by way of a power conditioner. The DAW,Layla,monitors,amps etc etc all produce no noise or hum and I have produced many very good CD's .... However a friend asked me to record him and his wife at home to my Technics Consumer Tapedeck and suddenly I had all kinds of hum. I was advised by a local musical equipment store that the only way to get rid of the hum is by using a professional tape deck. As I have the DAW I have no need of a digital tape deck.
I have 2 questions ..
1.) Is the guy correct that I will have to purchase at least a PRO analogue tape deck? and
2.) If so what is the cheapest I can expect to get away with considering that it will find little use other than this gig?
November 1, 2002 @04:25am

Bull puckies! He's just trying to sell you a deck.
When's the last time you used it? and cleaned/demagnatized the heads?
I just duped 50 cassettes for a client using good quality consumer cassette decks with no problem.
Might have been a number of things, depending on the surroundings. Florescent lights, magnetic fields, you name it, but I'm sure it can be resolved.
November 1, 2002 @12:45pm

Thanks. I will clean and demag the heads. I noticed slightly less noise when I used a metal tape so perhaps that is an issue.Now about the other sources. I have been going around my place searching out any humming items and I guess I will just have to search a bit harder. I have many fluorescent lights most are new with electronic high frequency ballasts.
This is a hum that sounds nastily like 60 cycle line noise.
Is there no way of isolating just the deck?
I ask because it will be tough working in the dark... also I have noticed the hum even in the daytime with no lights on.
I have disconnected my door bell as it had a hum and I have found another hum which seems somehow connected with my cable service. Anyone have a suggestion for that?
Once again much thanks for the help!
still but thankful.
November 1, 2002 @01:40pm

How close is the deck to other powersupplies, computer, CRT screen, and where does the signal cable get routed?
November 2, 2002 @12:00am

Thanks for the help. The problem is now solved. It turned out that my refrigerator and some other appliances were all contributing .. also another transformer that I hadn't been able to find... much relieved and very thankful. Sorry not to reply in a very timely manner but I had computer problems :( that had to be fixed before I could reply.
November 3, 2002 @08:19am

Not a problem. Glad you were able to resolve it.
November 3, 2002 @02:03pm