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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Ibanez BTB?

Big Bottom Willie

I'm considering another bass. Right now the band I'm with plays mostly rock standards with a little country and pop thrown in, but in my (almost non-existant) spare time I like to de-tune to D-A-D-G and jam some TooL et al.
Does anyone here have experience with the Ibanez BTB series? They have a new neck-thru looker coming out and it seems pretty versatile with Bartolini's, piezo bridge pickups, and a 35" scale. Seems like all I'd ever need for what I'm doing; can anyone give input?
(Other suggestions are also welcome; I'm currently playing an Ibanez ATK300 that I really like, and I've also considered a Yamaha TRB1004.)
August 8, 2008 @04:43pm

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September 2, 2008 @10:40am

ive played two different btb basses, both five stringers, one had the ibanez pickups and another had the bartiloni pickups/eq, and both where amazing, i could get countless tone and sounds due to the amazing eq , the action is nice due to the monorail bridgethat is a bridge for each string individually, nice wide flat neck (which i prefer for slap and pop, and flat neck helps for quick runs and flurries of notes, and body shape gives easy acces to the upperfrets) very good bass for very good price
July 26, 2009 @11:11pm