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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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the 10 most influential guitarists on YOU.


here's mines..
1-Jimi Hendrix
2-Jimmy Page
3-Tony Iommi
4-John Petrucci
5-Angus Young
6-Eddie Van Halen
7-Chuck Berry
8-B.B. King
9-James Iha
10-Zakk Wylde
uhm.. ROAR
peace and love guys, cya
October 28, 2002 @01:26pm

1- Randy Rhodes
2- Hendrix
3- Gary Moore
4- Al DiMeola
5- Eric Johnson
6- Duane Allman
7- Steve Morse
8- Jeff Beck
9- SRV
10- Robin Trower
11- Rik Emmett
12- Dave Murray
....oops, thats more than ten...oh well, and not in that particular order.
October 28, 2002 @09:14pm
R Whittington

wow...mine would be very similar to you guys..in no particular order
Gary Moore
Michael Schenker
Ritchie Blackmore
Al Dimeola
Randy Rhoads
Brain May
Ulrich Roth (original Scorpions)
Yngwie Malmsteen (love him or hate him..the man can play)
Ace Frehley
good topic Kataklysm!
October 28, 2002 @09:29pm

thanks. im tryin to use that thing eeh.. brain! :(horrible day:(, ur comment is appreciated:
October 29, 2002 @02:10am
David Klausner

Hard to pick just 10, but in no particular order:
Bill Frisell
David Torn
Robert Fripp
Jimmy Hendrix
Henry Kaiser
Jorma Kaukonen
Tom Verlaine
Sonny Landreth
Pete Cosey
Adrian Belew
Jerry Garcia
Looks like that's 12. Guess it really is hard to pick just 10, and I've left out a bunch of folks...
October 30, 2002 @04:28pm

syd barrett
trey anastacio
muddy waters
david gilmore
eric clapton
jimmy page
albert king
tracy j williams
November 9, 2002 @05:31pm
Ed Belknap

Originally posted by David Klausner

Bill Frisell
David Torn
Robert Fripp
Jimmy Hendrix
Henry Kaiser
Jorma Kaukonen
Tom Verlaine
Sonny Landreth
Pete Cosey
Adrian Belew
Jerry Garcia

Clearly Dave & I would get along...I thought *I* had written that list when I first started reading it!
...well, until I got to Garcia.
And I'd have to add Pat Martino & Steve Howe to my list.
November 11, 2002 @07:30pm
David Klausner

Hello Ed,
From some of your posts I thought we might have similar tastes. The Garcia thing is a remnant of my misspent youth. You can't see 200+ Dead shows without something rubbing off. On the other hand, about 10 years ago, my band spontaneously broke into a Dead song at a gig, and I couldn't for the life of me play a single Jerry lick, but I'm sure he's in there somewhere.
Another guy I left out (among many) is Pete Cosey, Miles' guitarist in the mid 70's (Aghartha, Pangea, etc). I had the pleasure of seeing him with Power Tools (sitting in for Frisell) about 12 years ago, and there's definitely still some playing from that night I can point to in my own stuff.
November 11, 2002 @07:41pm

jerry garcia
greg brown
Dave Matthews
trey anastasio(phish)
Ani Difranco
George Harrison
Jimi Hendrix
James Taylor
Sean Watkins(from Nickel creek)
Steven stills(CSNY)
November 20, 2002 @05:49pm

James Hetfield
Krik Hammet
Jimmi Hendrix
Joe satriane
Eric Clapton
December 11, 2002 @06:03am

I'm surprised no one's mentioned Michael Hedges.
December 21, 2002 @05:12pm

1 - Eric Johnson
2 - Eric Johnson
3 - Eric Johnson
4 - Eddie Van Halen
5 - Neil Schon
6 - The guitarists of Boston
7 - Mark Knopler
8 - James Taylor
9 - Earl Klough
10 - Joe Satriani
11 - Steve Lukather
12 - Phil Kheagy
"My list goes to 12"
January 11, 2003 @08:56pm

kurt cobain-made me realize that i to could make music
dick dale - made me realize that i loved to play guitar
gary hoey- made me realize i needed alot more than right hand speed
chris balue(of P.U.S.A.)- showed me that music is fun and underneath it all its simple
albert king
link wray
the guitarists of los srait jackets
& the aqua velvets
January 15, 2003 @07:26am

1.Duane Allman
2.Dicky Betts
3.Jimi Hendrix
4.Gary Rossington
5.Jerry Garcia
6.Jimmy Herring
7.Trey Anastasio
8.Jimmy Page
9.Eric Clapton
January 26, 2003 @05:54am

Mine would have to be (in no particular order):
-John Frusciante -Stevie Ray Vaughn -Randy Rhodes -Eric Clapton -Eddie Van Halen -Jimmi Hendrix -Jimmy Page -Zakk Wylde -Joe Bonamassa -B.B. King
February 19, 2003 @10:38pm