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Motu or TcElectronics - HELP!


Hello everyone. I need some opinions and suggestions. I will be running Nuendo 4 with a new Mac Book Pro 4gb. Im debating on 2 audio interfaces that I want. I need a interface with at least 6 outputs for my 5.1 set up. I was looking to spend around 1200 -1500
My first choice is : Tc Electronics Konnekt 48 = 1300
And second : The motu ultra light witch has 8 outputs. and expand it with a couple Motu 8 Pre's so I can do some gig recording on the side. So I will end up with 18 mic inputs. Witch will cost me about 1500 all together.
I've heard the tc electronics mic pre's and they sound great. But i havent heard the Motu mic pres yet. Can any one tell me if there worth the money.
July 24, 2008 @09:09pm

I have the Konnekt 24D and I can tell you the preamps on that interface are very nice. The Studio Konnekt 48 have improved preamps (the Impact II).
Most comments I have seen about the 8pre preamps have been "average" and, if that bothers you, know that this is the same preamp design shared between the 8pre and mk3 MOTU products.
The two key claims for the TC units are their conversion and their clocking which they do a fantastic job. This is an area where many MOTU users have criticized their MOTU gear.
Now, newer MOTU products (828mk3 and 896mk3) claim improved clocking performance but they have not actually published jitter rejection specs so it's hard to compare. By the way, if you're looking at MOTU products you should certainly be looking at these mk3 products.
The TC units have been dogged by driver issues (check out http://forum.tcelectronic.com for more) although many users, like myself, have no problems.
The (almost) undisputed king of the Firewire interface category -especially at this price point- is the RME Fireface which is available in two flavors. Clocking is excellent, drivers are excellent, and the mic pres are excellent. The RME units do lack the effects of the competing units (both the MOTU mk3s and TC Konnekts have different process and time-based effects) but this may or may not be important to you.
Both DSP mixers of the Konnekt and RME function at higher resolution than the MOTU (56-bit vs 42-bit vs 32-bit) which, again, may or may not be important to you. The Studio Konnekt 48 is also designed to eliminate the need for a monitor controller with speaker compensation & calibration, built-in talkback facilities, and a very useable remote.
Hope that helps,
July 24, 2008 @10:00pm

Hey JP thanx alot. I basically need just a simple interface with at least 6 outputs for my surround monitors. And im looking at the Motu 896mk3 witch i ignored for some reason. it would work great for my post production setup with surround, and for live recordings that i can expand.
July 24, 2008 @10:34pm

Be sure to take a serious look at the RMEs as well. They are the Firewire interface benchmark with good reason!
Good luck
July 24, 2008 @10:37pm

Hey, I just discovered the Studio Konnekt only supports a max of eight channels of ADAT optical regardless of sample-rate. Now, both the MOTU and the RME support sixteen channels at 44.1/49kHz and eight at 88.2/96k.
That was actually very sad for me to learn, as that kicks it out of the running for replacing my Konnekt 24D.
July 25, 2008 @01:58pm

wow I had no idea of that. But im pretty sure TC Electronics will come out with something similar or even better. Tc Electronics has always been my first choice, but im just looking for something cheaper that is worth the money. Thanx to your help im going with the Motu 828mk3 and will expand it with 2 8pres.
July 25, 2008 @05:42pm

MOTU HD192 hands down. They are comparable to RME's and they are PCI based if ya don't mind adding a card to your comp. They are 12in 12out and can go as much as 48in 48out with only one pci card. They are line level in so external mic pres will be needed but the quality is just amazing. Just my 2 cents.
July 25, 2008 @06:24pm

I'm actually surprised to hear a vote of confidence like that from JP for the TC gear. Granted, they're an excellent company, but I've never associated them with interfaces. I'll keep that in mind.
July 25, 2008 @06:40pm