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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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13 pin pickups


Has compared the tracking on various 13 pin pickup guitars? I'm talking about Brian Moores vs. Roland GK2A's vs. Godin, etc.
I've got the Roland. Anyone else?
July 7, 2001 @01:00am

While I use a PRS bolt-on with a GK2A, I've had a chance to play with the Brian Moore i guitars with 13 pin quite a bit with my VG-88 and have found them to be amazing instruments. If I didn't already have my PRS set up with the GK2A, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a Brian Moore. The thing that blew me away the first time I saw them was how great they looked and how well they played for the price (I'm referring to the i guitars specifically, not the higher end products Brian Moore offers, which are still great values).
I already bought one of their basses (i4) and have a DC/1 on order from their custom shop. If you aren't hip to the quality of work they can do with inlays and finishes, as well as the quality of their tops (it seems some other "premium" manufacturers just don't have the consistancy they used to), you should check it out. I'm not sure if it (the DC/1) will replace my old gold top as my everyday guitar of choice for playing, but I know it will be the best looking guitar I own (no, I don't have an extensive collection, the DC/1 is an indulgence).
July 7, 2001 @01:31pm

I see you're a PRS owner, a Brian Moore owner, yet you say you're not a collector. What gives? Something must be fundamentally unique about these two guitars to want to have both if you're not a collector. What's the story? I've been considering picking up one world class guitar for the studio but haven't settled on a favorite yet. I'd really like to have a PRS archtop but they discontinued all of them but the artist, and I can find an excuse to spend $10k on this particular piece of art for the studio. Your thoughts?
July 8, 2001 @06:56am

Ah, the subtle differences between the purposeful collector and the simple addict...
Honestly, while I think they are beautiful instruments and sonically wonderful, I'm not an arch top kind of guy so I really don't have any strong opinions in that I haven't laid my hands on lots of them to determine nuances. Anybody else have something to say on this subject?
July 9, 2001 @01:03pm

Having worked in product design on 2 separate occasions for a prominent American guitar manufacturer, I remember quite clearly the first time I ever saw a synth pickup: We regularly did instrument setup and design for people like Carl Wilson, Randy California, Heart, Survivor, John Denver, Emmylou and others. One Friday afternoon Harvey Mandel, who at that time was freelancing with the Stones, brought us his original '57 Goldtop for setup. There behind the tune-a-matic Harvey had gouged, wiggled, chiselled and bubblegummed a funny looking black plastic bar. Voila one of the first synth hex pickups. It glitched, it burped, it wiggled and it drove Harvey straight to... his Strat, so simple and unadorned.
Today's generation of 13 pin guitars and the GK2A are far, far down the line from those olden days. The GK2A can be mounted on virtually anything, but it does need to be properly aligned so it can track. Then once you set your parameters you should begin enjoying a lifetime of warped sounds to bend the mind. The Godin synth access guitars track flawlessly as do the Brian Moore. I know a number of players who own both the Godin and the Brian Moore. Why not? Thats it for now. By the by, Nika, whats your favorite?
July 11, 2001 @11:53pm

Originally posted by Hammerhead
By the by, Nika, whats your favorite?

Thank you for the insight. I have to say I've always been fond of Godin's (I own a modified G5000 strat copy from the early '90's) but have not had a chance to play the Brian Moore's much yet.
July 15, 2001 @09:40pm
Kenny Bergle

The Godin LGX has an almost flat fretboard that is made of ebony. I feel that it has less false-triggers than others. The Brian Moore that I own, an i2.13, has a much more rounded radius and feels more like the PRS that I adore. It's rosewood fretboard is more forgiving on the fingers than the hard-as-a-rock ebony too, so it's slightly easier to play for me. Also, the Brian Moore has much higher frets making those crazy D-molished chords easier to finger (or a major 7th on the top four strings with the 5th on top).
That said, I still maintain that the Godin LGX has less false-triggers and is easier (slightly) to translate into MIDI. The frets on the i2.13 are so high that sometimes I hurt myself wehn I get on those wild Kelvyn Bell type slides. Don't know Kelvyn? Check out some Arthur Blythe sides from the mid-80s or Kelvyn's own band. I can't quite remember the band's full name, but I know it had 'funk' in the name! He's from NYC or Philly and a ridiculously innovative player.
I also still use the Roland GR505. It's a Strat that Roland had their name on and an early version of the GR pickup in it. It has the really cool feature of a touch-sensitve metal modulation button and pitch button, believe it or not! That was dropped when Roland went from 25-pin to 13-pin... I have a 25-to-13-pin adapter that I use to make the GR505 compatible with the current GR33/VGA88/etc... And, it still works with the GR-700 guitar synth that I love since I have Pat Metheny style patches for it. (The rumor is that Pat did these patches, but I doubt it. I believe he went from the GR-50 right to the Synclavier, skipping the GR-700. He told me that one New Year's Eve at The Caravan Of Dreams in Ft. Worth, in-between duet sets with Ornette Coleman. What a deal that was! Metheny was sampling Ornette live on stage and then playing Ornette's sax tones through his GR-equipped guitar and his Synclavier. While Pat was playing "sax". Ornette would pick up his violin. No wonder I am so out!)
August 2, 2001 @12:25am