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using subwoofers with a powered mixer


What the best way to connect subwoofers and monitors to
a powered mixer?
I'm overwhelmed with options...should I buy powered or non-powered subs, powered or non-powered monitors...??
I already have a Yamaha 5016CF powered mixer and yamaha 15in
This will be for a 4-piece band.
Any suggestions?
July 22, 2008 @02:21am

Here is what we did. Works great. We bought two JBL JRX118 subs and a PV1500 power amp. The amp has built in crossovers. All you do is run an unpowered signal out of the board to the amp with the crossovers turned on, and then run the speaker cables to the subs. Thats it. For about $1400 you have added some serious low end to your sound. For monitors, you will need another amp, using one channel per monitor mix. Basic set up. I would not mess with the Nady, PV series or Behringer subs. They are very low quality!
July 27, 2008 @04:55pm

I have that same exact Mixer and have just ordered a Powered Sub. I plan on using the Stereo Sub out to drive my Subwoofer. This way I can control the out put with the Sub-Stereo Volume knob.
I also have a seperate amp that drives my Monitors all ready and it is excellent, you can control (2) monitor speakers seperatly. Hook the amp input to the Mixer Aux 1 and 2 then the amp out put to the speakers (leave amp in stereo mode), this will give each monitor its own control You can also use Powered Monitors in this case. (Prefered in my opinion)
I use the Main Mixer Power and Drive each Main speaker in Stereo Mode. I will let you know how it works when my sub comes in this week. I really think it will rock the house.
If I can be of further assisstance let me know.
July 28, 2008 @01:03am

Ok, I recieved my Powered Sub and did some experminting with diffirent ways of hooking it to my Mixer. The best way that worked for me was using the Efx 2 send that I was not using. This way I could have control over each channel in which I could adjust the amount of bass to add. I turned off the effects on that send and just used it as my Powered Sub Control. I am using my Aux's 1 and 2 for monitors and efx 1 for actuall effects.
The sub added was incrediable and I could not beleieve I had played so long without one. I have several jobs this weekend and will see how it goes.
July 30, 2008 @02:34am