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Yamaha plugin boards for Cs6X and S80


I am just wondering, what are people's opinions on these plugin boards? I am particularly interested in PLG150-AN and PLG100-VH....
Are there some sound samples out there that I can have a listen to?
August 14, 2001 @09:21pm

all those yamaha boards are amazing. when you buy one of those options you don't get a new set of sounds, but a whole new synth. the virtual acoustic board is my favorite. but all of them are just amazing.
August 15, 2001 @01:52am

Can you tell me some more about the vocal harmony board? I read that it could produce 'vocoder-like' or 'robot-like' effects, but is not a true vocoder?
It's not quite clear from looking at the description on the official Yamaha brochure - it does kinda sound like it can do what a vocoder does (using one sound source to affect the shape of another), but it's not quite clear to me.
Again, are there any sound samples somewhere out there that I can have a listen to? :)
August 15, 2001 @02:34am

This is a true vocoder. It also will allow you to create harmony parts as well as detune a vocal for cool chorus effects. And everything is MIDI controllable. As far as I know, Yamaha does not have any cd's highlighting this or any of there boards. I also don't know of any websites with MP3's, etc. If you want to although, I'd be happy to sell you one and give you 30 days to decide if you like it or not.
Let me know
August 15, 2001 @02:35pm

I found some sound demos from the expansion boards at:
the AN and VL boards sounds pretty convincing, they didn't have samples for the VH board though :(
Anyways, next time you can direct people to go listen there :D
August 16, 2001 @07:46am

thanks for the tip!!
August 17, 2001 @04:35pm

I have this board in my CS6x and it is indeed amazing. With a single board you only get five notes of polyphony, but that's enough for great leads, basses and simple pads. You can even add another board to increase polyphony up to 10 notes -- as much as the original AN1x.
Now the bad part, and really why I'm posting. Some people have become frustrated after purchasing the AN board. The editing and the integration of the PLg boards into the OS is kind of kludgy. It really requires that you use a computer editor if you want to create new sounds and use more than just the pre-sets.
You'll need to use the smartcard to save your Plug-In Voices so that they load on start-up. This adds an extra few moments of boot time -- but you gain the added ability to use the effects of the CS6x or S80! Way kewl.
There are editors included with the board -- but they run only unders MAC/Windows 95 or 98. NOT Windows 2000. There is a free editor that runs under anything - the excellent AN1x Edit by Greg Gregson, a Yamaha programmer.
hope this helps...
August 25, 2001 @02:16pm