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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Nuendo or DP?


I'm ready to make the switch from ProTools. Anyone have any thoughts on Nuendo or Digital Performer? I work as a sound editor so transfer to PT (OMF) will be necessary. Musically, I use midi as well as audio. Nuendo's features look impressive (unlimited undo, multiple sample rates, multiple projects open at once... etc.) I don't know as much about DP. The mixing features (for film & video) are just as important as editing feaures for me. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
August 14, 2001 @07:03pm

why are you switching from Pro Tools??
August 15, 2001 @01:45am
T. Alan Smith

I'm assuming it's a Digi?
August 15, 2001 @02:38am

I like PT but I would like to use more than 24 tracks and I can't afford a TDM System. I would also like more A/D/A choices. he Digi hardware seems more like a dongle for thier software. I would gladly pay more for the software if it was more flexible. A PT system with TDM cards that act like the new TC and UA cards and my choice for converters would be ideal for me. I also like Digi's Pro Control & Control|24, but you can't use them with other software. Basically, I can't afford the PT setup that I need and LE ain't cuttin' it.
August 15, 2001 @03:53am

my biggest complaint right now with DP [and im a BIG DP user and abuser] is the lack of proper control surface.i essentially want the MOTU equivilant of the ProControl [not the Control24 unless they make it a lot lower in height]. these universal controllers coming out just dont cut it for my application [a normal studio THAT NEEDS A MONITOR SECTION, and expandable fader packs so no HUI, with better resolution and low latency, quiet faders, et al]
other than that IMO they have everyone else beat. better MIDI, better interfaces, now they have video support, been able to record 96k... MOTU has really done a wonderful job with their software.
August 17, 2001 @04:35am

My vote would go towards DP. From what I've seen out of Nuendo, the midi section is somewhat limited, but of course that depends on what you're doing.
Also, I'm a soon-to-be-exCubase user for the sole reason of the quality of their audio engine. The summing algorythm in Cubase can leave mixes of more than 4 or 5 audio tracks sounding quite dead and lifeless, and if I'm not mistaken, Nuendo uses the same engine. Be careful. I know you'll probably not find anyone using DP AND Nuendo on the same machine, but if you do, pass a file back and forth to each and see if you can hear a difference.
(Also, try DP using DAE. If I had enough money for a dedicated music G4, that's exactly what I'd have on it.)
August 18, 2001 @05:24am

Also, if you're using the 001, and your concern is mostly the quality of a/d/a conversion, try using some good external converters through the lightpipe port. I have a friend that uses an 8 channel Sonorus A/D converter for his analog inputs, and it makes a big difference in the sound of the whole system!
August 18, 2001 @05:30am

I have used Nuendo for over a year now and am extremely happy with it. They had some issues with version 1.5 back in December because they released that version too soon. Most of the issues have been worked out in 1.52. It is targeted more toward recording/editing and not MIDI. If you have significant MIDI sequencing requirements, stick to DP, Logic, Cubase, etc. I haven't found any issues with dull audio quality at more then 5 tracks. The highest track count I've done is 22 and the quality was outstanding in my opinion. My system is a dual-1.0 GHz Pentium III Dell Precision Workstation 220. If you're going PC, I recommend Windows 2000 Pro over 98SE or ME. I've never used a Mac before, so I can't speak for Nuendo on the Mac. If you would like to see a diagram of my Nuendo setup, go to http://www.scottreder.com and click on the "Studio" link on the left. I hope this helps you with your decision!
August 25, 2001 @04:03am