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Favorite Amp Emulators


I've long been on the hunt for Amp Emulating software that isn't crap.
Obviously nothing beats the real sound of of a 70's jcm marshall head but in the long run when resources are low and a $500 program may be able to fullfill the needs of a home based studio , What would you suggest?
) This is by far the most frightening review for any software. You'll see why
June 8, 2008 @08:25pm

What kind of sounds are you looking for?
So far, here are my top Amp emulators.
Softube just came out with thier metal amp room, demos sound mighty nice, might take the cake for amp sims. Their vintage amp room is great as well. priced nicely for RTAS
Digi's 11 is very good for somethings as well, has 2 very good models in there I would use lots, though its PT only now.
Amplitube 2 still has some nice features, though i think the first 2 I mentioned has surpased them
Revalver MKII, lets you load in custom IR's, sounds great
I have the Fractal Audio Axe FX, this box, loaded with custom IR;s, is my favorite overall though its mighty expensive
June 8, 2008 @11:20pm

Awesome man, I appreciate the feedback! I've played with amp farm and it was impressive but some of the features didn't blow me away as much as i thought they would. I'm gonna look into these.
June 9, 2008 @07:07pm

If you are a pro tools user, Digi's 11 is an improved upon amp farm, got some nice possibilities. Though lately, I have really been digging using custom impulse responces for cabs, and revalver lets you do that, but seriously, download the softube demos!!!
June 9, 2008 @08:51pm

I love amplitube 2... It's got just about everything you could need and buttons to keep you tweaking for hours... any tone I want I can get with relative ease...
BEWARE!!! PCU DRAINER.... usually I can run about 5 or 6 with sessions but... once i'm done editing and mixing them i usually bounce them and re-import to save on pcu usage.
As for others I can't say ... not much experience.... The POD's work great too and save all around on pcu obviously.
June 10, 2008 @05:23am

they have come a long way. i agree there's nothing like crankin' my half-stack, but amps sims improve your workflow. no miking, and you can easily switch between sounds with a click of the mouse, not setting up another amp.
my experience with amp sims is that each have their stengths and weakness.
Guitar amp pro with logic has probably 20 tones that i use all time time. then there's a bunch that sound pretty bad.
I also have amplitude 2 and Hendrix. THOSE ARE EXCELLENT!! great brown tones. especially the hendrix, i was really surprized how good it sounds.
again, most are good, but there are some bad sounding ones.
I use an LA-610 in front with alot of tube drive which helps.
check out a company called softube, they make a really nice emulator too, but it's pricey.
when you solo an amp sim, you can tell it's not exactly the real thing. however, when you put it in a mix, it's really to where i can't tell.
i want to check out 11. the online demos sound pretty good, so far the only model of a soldano i've seen.
bottom line - I'm not going to get rid of my tube amps, but i love 'em, especially at 2AM. i also can't afford to get 10 different tube amps.
June 10, 2008 @04:52pm

Since I mentioned Fractal Audio
here is a clip I did really quickly trying to show some of my heavier sounding patches from the Fractal Audio Axe FX direct box. hope you enjoy
all guitars recorded direct.
June 12, 2008 @01:38am

sounds full just like a good old fashioned tube amp.
with the amp sims, it seems the heavier distortion patches are the ones that sound the weakest to me. that's one thing i'll give 11, the heavy patches from the online demo sound pretty good.
June 12, 2008 @01:00pm

) This is by far the most frightening review for any software. You'll see why

Thanks for the link. I just bought the "everything bundle" from Line 6 recently. Scary but informative.
July 7, 2008 @03:37am