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What's the latest trends in music?


I`m doing now some work for school.
Please help me find info about the latest trends in music right now, especially for teens.
Can be anything, from the way they share music or the latest genres.
May 30, 2008 @08:15am

Hmm. About.com wrote some articles about this last year. For Trends I check out a website called www.yes.com and put in your zip code and you can see exactly what all your local radio stations are playing in your area day by day, weekly etc. This will also help with trends etc for music.
We do not discuss sharing here, thats a no no. The top digital Legal download service is still iTunes but there are other noteables such as beatport (electronic) and its sister site beatsource (for hip hop) that are really popular.
Genre wise, smashups are still popular on the west coast, as will as emo/punk. Wikipedia this and you'll find lots of good info.
May 30, 2008 @01:23pm

checking into radio playlists is probably your best bet; check too into top downloads on itunes and amazon unbox
June 7, 2008 @03:34am

this is a thought provoking question . I'm a little surprised more people in this forum choose not to weigh in on the implications such a question poses . Allow me to share some purely subjective opinion . . . First one must scan the history of modern music and observe what has taken place over the course of time . When Beethoven arrived on the scene , two short centuries ago there existed a status quo not unlike today . There existed two camps, the traditional and the revolutionary . I inject the idea that the revolutionary is more youthful in nature as they in some instances are searching for their own unique path . We draw parallels from history . One might , from a particular point of view also propose that each new trend is de evolving from its parent form . We may notice the older generations inablility to accept the younger generations explorations as they are steeped in pavlovian conditioning . One might say that the reckless abandonment of one generation becomes the mundane of the next . Such a short time ago the history of rock and roll wouldn't have even been a conception on the campus of higher learning . I believe we may safely say that we won't glorify any reinventions of past forms at least in the sense of trend . . but I predict there will be riotous condemnation similar to the Stravinsky phenomenon or beatlemania or what ever label is attached to brilliant new music yet to be discovered .
June 7, 2008 @01:52pm

Russian music sites with names like MP3sale.ru or similar are catching the attention of U.S. music fans looking for cheap downloads. The sites offer large catalogs, high quality downloads with no restrictions on use, and extremely low prices -- most individual songs sell for 10 cents or less each, and full albums can be had for about $1. The sites, which contain English-language versions with prices in U.S. dollars, generally include legal notices asserting that they are in full compliance with copyright law, though some warn that non-Russian users should consult the laws of their own countries. "Russian legislation is the same as the rest of the world," said Peter Necarsulmer, president of the Coalition for Intellectual Property Rights, a Washington, D.C.-based group that watches copyright-related activity in Russia. "Therefore, placing music on a webpage without the author's permission is, of course, illegal."
June 10, 2008 @09:06am

I`m doing now some work for school.
Please help me find info about the latest trends in music right now, especially for teens.
Can be anything, from the way they share music or the latest genres.

This is a very vague and difficult question.
You might be surprised these trends can be different geographically even in the same state or county.
Believe it or not Guitar Hero may change trends.
July 7, 2008 @03:35am