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Where can I find microphones for tabla?


I'm looking into buying some microphones for use with my tabla. Can anyone tell me where I can find microphones such as the kind in this picture?

they need to be cheap, because while I can appreciate the difference between bad mics and good mics, I can't shell out the money for the good ones. :( Mainly I'm after microphones capable of being attached in the manner shown above, and ones that won't sound too terribly bad when I use them. I'm thinking sub-$100 if possible.
Thanks in Advance.
October 8, 2002 @12:52am

Shure makes a mic similar (but not the SAME) as the mics in the picture.
The beta98H
Info on it can be found at:
Shure Beta 98H
This mic is mainly for horns, but I think it would work quite well for a low price (about $50-80 USD I think)
werd up, I just started playing with a tabla player (I play acoustic guitar and write/sing etc) and I am loving the vibe!
Steve Reich
October 9, 2002 @10:24pm

You're looking at an Audio-Technica ATM-35 in the picture. Around $230. The Beta 98 is around $275, and I don't think that includes the mount. Might want to also look at the AKG C418 and C419. I prefer the Beta 98 of the four.
Unless I've missed one, I've yet to be able to put "sub-$100," "good sound," and "miniature clip-on condenser" together in the same sentence. It's just very hard to make a small condenser mic that is adequately shock-mounted and have enough cost overhead to build any kind of quality into it for that little money. There is stuff like the Audio-Technica Pro-35R clip-on (looks like the ATM-35, but with a lower-quality element), but the cheap ones don't sound like much.
For your budget, a pair of Shure SM57's, two boom stands, and a little midrange EQ cut can sound very good on tabla.
October 10, 2002 @03:09am

thanks for the replies, guys. I talked with a friend of mine that knows about these sorts of things recently, and he informed me that it might be a better use of my money to buy a full-size microphone to place on a boom in between both drums. He reccomended the AKG C1000S - a bit steep for me @ $200, but probably a good buy. What do you guys think?
He also warned me that having two mics like that so close to each other could lead to some phase cancellation problems. probably another reason to go with a single mic...
October 12, 2002 @12:57am

yo yo..
for live situations my tabla player uses a SM57 on his high tabla, and a bass drum mic on his low tabla.. we super close mic them, because it's hard to get good volume out of them in a cafe or bar situation when there is lots of background noise.. feedback is always an issue..
We are in Pre-Pro right now, just layin some demos, and we have been recording using his live mics.. they don't sound great.. too close to me, don't allow enough natural reverberation of the drum.. when we record I am going to use two small condensers close mic-ed, and a 4033 about 1'1/2 above the drums.. ( question for Michael: ya think I'll get phase cancellation issues with 3 mics like I describe above? )
your idea of one mic might work.. a good condenser mic will pick up everything around it, which can be good and bad.. depends on if you are playing solo, or with people around you on stage..
Are you looking for live or studio mics?
Like Michael H. said, you wont find a good condenser for < $100.
November 6, 2002 @08:28pm

For a single mic, to keep prices (and phase cancellation down), the C1000S may be worth considering. If you're going to look at that, I'd look very seriously at the RODE NT3. Everywhere I've seen the two head-to-head, the NT3 has been judged the winner. I've got one, but don't have a tabla that I can offer any advice from.
November 8, 2002 @11:04pm