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G4s Very Loud?


I read somewhere that some folks had a fix for the "blow dryer" sounding fan in the dual 867 g4s.
Can anyone here elaborate? Mine is getting WAY on my nerves.
Thx all!
October 4, 2002 @08:01pm

Well, this was from a few months back, but you might find this Article to be of help. Keep in mind that mucking about inside and modifying your case and fans will almost definetly void your warranty. Check and see if the noise is coming from the fans, or the vibrations of the case agianst your worksurface. If it is vibration noise putting a pair of Auralex Mopads underneath will help greatly. If it is just a noisy fan, there's not much you can do to quiet the machine without changing the internals.
You can look into putting the machine into an isolation box or glass-doored enclosure of some sort. In studio situations something like an isorack from Raxxess works well but isn't exactly designed for the home user.
October 4, 2002 @08:28pm

Thx Justin,
But I heard you can change your firmware or somthing to keep the fan from going into the "turbo" mode on os9??????
October 4, 2002 @09:06pm

Hrm, if there is, I've yet to hear of it, but it very well could exist.
Can any of you guys/gals out there with one of the new models confirm this?
I can't seem to find any articles relating to it in the .Mac knowledge base.
October 4, 2002 @09:35pm

I'm the wrong one to ask about this, I just ripped a huge cooling fan out of a dismantled mainframe here beside my desk at work and attached it to the top of my AKAI DR-8. As soon as the thing comes on it sounds like a 747, but I'm in a sealed control room and the sound doesn't get out into the main body of the studio.
October 7, 2002 @05:21pm

Sounds like my gaming system. I wired an extra hard drive power connection to my extra fans, which can be controlled by a switch on the faceplate (with indicator LED).
Works great for those intensive 3d gaming sessions.
I'm really kind of suprised that liquid cooled rigs haven't found their way from the lan parties into the studio yet. I personally am still to nervous to put anything that could leak or cause condensation into my pc...maybe that's why.
October 7, 2002 @06:40pm