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Sampler workstation (MPC/MV etc) pad layout question/suggestions


I'm designing some kits other people will be using. I've got a formula for my kits. Typically, I put kicks on the right hand side and snares on the left. Hats on the right. Toms across the third row (9-13) and cymbals along the top. Banks B&C are typically the same sans the cymbals. Generally, they are kick/snare centric and complimentary to the ABank. I generally reserve the D Bank for FX or loops.
I usually build my kits with performance in mind and will use velocity layers so the booms are on the higher layer (127 velocity) and the tighter ones are 0-126. I'll occasionally layer different samples on the same pad, but typically just velocity triggering different samples.
Another layout was kicks and snares on bank A then hats on B, cymbals on C, loops and FX on D.
The only consensus seems to be to lay them out so they're comfortable to play. You lose the groove if you have to contort yourself to hit the pad.
I read somewhere on another board a while back where step entering guys have kicks along the bottom, then snares then hats etc. This workflow keeps similar drums together in a pianoroll.
So the question is, how do you work? Similar? Totally different? I look forward to your feedback. Maybe you even got something out of this yourself!
March 20, 2008 @06:29pm

I usually sequence on my Mpc 1000, I tend to reprogram a kit to separate the timbres. My loop almost always start with a kick or a snare so I like the different instruments in different banks. Hope this helps, peace
March 26, 2008 @03:51pm