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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Bugs, annoyances, and suggestions


As a new user of SetMaker, I'd like to offer some "constructive criticism." If a new version is in the works (which I'd happily pay for), then please consider incorporating the following suggestions. If instead the software has been shelved, then please let us know so we can shop elsewhere!
--Provide ability to delete song from the set list. The "Delete Song" command deletes the song in the master song list, not the working set, even when the command is selected from the working set's window. The only way I've found to delete a song from the working set is to use the "Cut" command under Edit.
--Display song attributes in the master song list. Presently the set list displays these, but not the master song list.
--Allow common Windows keyboard mappings to manipulate the songs. For example, presently the "Delete" key will not delete a song; the Shift/Control keys can't be used to select (highlight) multiple songs in the song list (although it seems this can be done in the set list); the up/down keys don't navigate over songs; a double-click of a song does not open its Info window
--Bug: Doing a Ctrl-C (copy) of text in the Notes field in the Info window closes the window.
--Allow the width of columns to be changed working set (only the song list can presently be changed).
--Allow column width to be adjusted like in Excel--ie, with a click-and-drag of the mouse.
--Provide formating of the printed set list. For example, presently you can't control how many columns are printed per page (presently fixed at 2). Curiously, you do have this control when printing the "song list", but not the set list.
--Provide more attributes to classify songs. Even if it's not feasible to let the user dynamically add more attributes, it would be nice to let the user rename the attribute field for a custom use--ie, patches, venue, etc.
--Provide speed buttons for common commands so the user doesn't need to learn keyboard shortcuts (ie, buttons for "Info", "Add song", "Delete Song", etc.)
--Provide names to label the columns.
--Let the user edit the individual fields displayed in the main window (as is done is Excel) rather than having to open the song's "Info" window.
--Let songs be linked to MP3 files on the local computer. Another possibility would be to have a "Create playlist" command which would generate a playlist that iTunes or Media Player could then load.
--Provide numbering of the songs in the song list window and set list window (this appears to be offered when printing, but not for displaying in the program itself).
February 18, 2008 @09:08pm